Womens Road Rides – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Monday 3/14/2016

Hi WRRs! Last night was the annual FLCC meeting. It was very informative and a lot of new initiatives were discussed. It was nice to see some WRR regulars at the meeting.

The Ithaca weather has been great this year. So many warm, sunny days to get in early season miles. Feel free to use the listserve to organize group rides before WRRs start. If it will be your first time on your bike this year, make sure you check the brakes, pump up your tires, and clean and lube your chain! A clean bike is a fast bike.

What are your cycling goals this year? Are you out there just for fun, training for a race or a tour, or for another reason? I hope we get to share all of our cycling stories and aspirations with each other this season.

Do you want to race? To you want to help out at a race? Consider volunteering at or registering for Hollenbeck’s Spring Classic Road Race. The cat4 womens group had so many women last year, including some WRR regulars!  It was awesome to see so many women cyclists competing. There will be pint glasses this year for all volunteers and the top ten finishers in each category. The race is in Virgil NY on May 1st.

I’d like to thank Cynthia for her continued leadership and all that she has done for WRR. I’m leaving her post below as is, since it perfectly summarizes what you need to know about WRR if you are new to the group. We’ll start WRR in mid April if the weather continues to cooperate.  In the meantime, encourage your friends to check out the webpage and find out more info.   I’m looking forward to another great cycling season, and I hope to see you out on the road.

Michelle Cilia

Sunday 4/12/2015

Hey Women Road Cyclists,

Lets Get Ready to Roll for Summer 2015!!

Get those bikes off the trainer, tuned up, find your Helmet, water bottle, flat tire kit and get those cobwebs out of your shoes and plan to join us!

The weekly Wednesday Women’s Road Rides will begin again on Wednesday, May 20, 2015! We’re formally starting later this year but I’m hoping informal rides will be advertised by members of the WRR listserv. If you would like to ride send an invitation via the list serv for level of ride-A, B or C, time to meet and approx distance. This is YOUR listserv!

To join the WRR listserv: go the website (if you’re reading this you’re in the website) and under “Contents” in the far right column, go to “Club Stuff” then “email subscriptions”. Scroll down until you see the “Women’s Road Ride List”. You have to join yourself. I can’t add anyone. If you think you joined, but are not receiving any emails, please check and/or rejoin.

Please do not plan to use these rides as the first time you’ve been out on your bike cycling this distance! 

Who: Women cyclists:

You must use either clipless pedals or pedal cages (shoes attached to pedals) and   have a bike that is  suited for at least touring with a gear range that can handle the surrounding hills: 10/11-25-28. No 3 or 6 speeds.  Must have experience biking at least 15-20 (hilly) miles. If you’re unsure, please check out and cycle the routes posted under maps. You should be able to cycle at least the C routes comfortably.

These rides are not appropriate for beginners-women new to cycling.

Where: East Hill Plaza Parking lot/far end behind CFCU/TCT Banks/ Burger King

When: Wednesdays.  Leave at 6 pm sharp so arrive 10 min prior

We will break into 3 groups based on ability or desire:

Group A (Fast speed >15 mph)

Group B ( moderate speed 12-15 mph)

Group C (10-12 mph or “I have no idea or care!”)

Groups B and C are “no drop” with the responsibility of sticking together shared among the group! This may mean groups of 2-6 cyclists agreeing to stick together. No one should ride alone! Since I can’t t ride with each level at the same time;), it’s up to the group to determine who will be sweeper and check back or wait in case someone gets dropped! This is a group ride after all!!

I will send out the proposed route/reminder  on Mon or Tues via the WRR listserv so please sign up for the WRR listservon the Fingerlakes Cycling (FLcycling) email list web page. This listserv is also used for  notification of clinics prior to the ride, advertising rides on the weekends or other nights AND for cancelations due to weather!!

I also encourage you to join FLCC . If you plan to be a regular, please support the Fingerlakes Cycling Club-they make these rides possible!!

Remember to wear a helmet , bring water, a spare tube, tire changing lever and pump! (I will have a few clinics prior to our rides to practice changing a tire, review group riding skills, etc.)

Hope to see all of you on your bikes in May!!

If you are not sure if the Wednesday rides are appropriate for you contact me off list via WRR or through this website.

(Note: The Thursday rides are appropriate for those who are unsure of their skills and are new to cycling in a group)

Cynthia Schnedeker