2017 Members – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The following people have valid FLCC membership for 2017. If your name appears here by mistake or if you want to be excluded from it, let us know: The most recent signups are at the top of the list.

Entries with “A” are affiliate members (that is, they are also members of another bike club); “F” denotes family memberships; all others are individual members.

Entries are in order of arrival — if your name isn’t one of the recent ones, find it by using the page search (Ctrl-F). If you don’t find your name and/or didn’t get your card and a week or 10 days have passed, please inquire.

  1. Mariano Garcia — F
  2. Susan Gazda
  3. Thomas Watrobski
  4. Eva Stilwell — F
  5. Ed Koppel — F
  6. Bryan Gannon — F
  7. Lorrie Tily
  8. Della Herden
  9. Christopher Ploucha
  10. Craig Riecke
  11. Mishael Simkin
  12. Patricia Fratangelo
  13. Richard Shapiro — F
  14. Brian Lee
  15. Caroline Rasmussen
  16. Robin Tuttle
  17. Laure Stroock — F
  18. Thomas Smith
  19. Amy Vasquez — F
  20. Aaron Hicks — F
  21. John McGillen
  22. Hugh Wallace — F
  23. Eleanor Andrews
  24. Michelle Manning
  25. Naama Menda — F
  26. Caroline Rasmussen
  27. Theresa Barnic
  28. Wendy Wolfe
  29. Daniel Keys — F
  30. Mary Cawley
  31. Lisa Nicholas
  32. Patrice Torcivia
  33. Christa Downey — F
  34. Daniel Vaughn — F
  35. Nancy Kleinrock
  36. Sheila Rhoades — F
  37. John Lynch — F
  38. Diane Jerdan
  39. John Siliciano
  40. Jennifer Roscoe
  41. carrie freshour
  42. Nathan Ladovsky
  43. J. Tyson Merrill
  44. charles Witherup — F
  45. Adrian Cohn Clay Birkett — F
  46. Tonya Engst — F
  47. Judson Powers — F
  48. John Suter
  49. Drew Noden — F
  50. Michael Larson — F
  51. James McKenna — F
  52. Thomas W. Farlow
  53. Henry Nelson
  54. John A Morris — F
  55. Laurie Shaver — F
  56. Sidney Resnick
  57. Richard Porterfield — A
  58. Carlie Pietsch
  59. David Poles — F
  60. Shaul Hendel
  61. Michael Boggs
  62. Paul Fleming
  63. David Ruppert — F
  64. Mark Rishniw
  65. Shelley Stuart — F
  66. Vandana Shah
  67. Kara Frostclapp — F
  68. Jennifer Peregoy — F
  69. Sarah Michelle — F
  70. Kim McKnight
  71. Kelsey Utne
  72. Tom Tabone
  73. Paul Reyes — F
  74. Margaret Johnson — F
  75. Sheryl Froehlich
  76. John Foley — F
  77. Karen McCabe — F
  78. Maria Klemperer-Johnson — F
  79. Valerie Nostrand — F
  80. Dan Parsons — F
  81. Apikanya McCarty
  82. david sahn
  83. Kyra Stephanoff — F
  84. Harold Craighead — F
  85. Jefferson Busche — F
  86. Eugene Nowlan
  87. Anne Stork
  88. Alex Specker
  89. Dan Smalls
  90. Armin Heurich — F
  91. Wendy Houseworth
  92. Fred Conner
  93. Maria Costanzo
  94. Neil Weinberg
  95. Tina Ellis
  96. Sara Quinn
  97. Judy Raabe — F
  98. Gail Tremblay
  99. Mary Biggs
  100. Sarah Kennedy
  101. Christopher Williams
  102. Jennifer Sheehan — F
  103. Bill Shang — F
  104. Glenn Swan — F
  105. George Buchholz — F
  106. Mary Bouchard — F
  107. Sara Bloxsom
  108. Cynthia Schnedeker
  109. A T APPLETON MD — F
  110. Roberta Sibley — F
  111. Edward Gottlieb — F
  112. Laura Ward — F
  113. Joseph Martin
  114. Katie MoringKatherine Lee — F
  115. Richard Keller –F
  116. Catherine Hall
  117. David Caldwell — F
  118. Heidi Lovette
  119. Christine Evans — F
  120. Steven Powell — F
  121. Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis — F
  122. Alexey Loginov — F
  123. Robert Talda — F
  124. Mary Beth Tierney — F
  125. Stijn van Osselaer — F
  126. Michelle Cilia — F
  127. Gregory Clark
  128. James Sharkness
  129. Bronwyn Butcher — F
  130. Theresa DeRycke — F
  131. Michael Doan — F
  132. Doug Dylla
  133. Jane Miller
  134. Susan Dean
  135. Frank Strickland
  136. Steve Knodell — F
  137. Susan Kendrick — F
  138. Erniee Bayles — F
  139. Stacie Mann — F
  140. Tim Merrick — F
  141. Colleen Schiefen
  142. Rob Ferguson
  143. Kathryn Johansen
  144. Shane Eversfield
  145. Blaine Chamberlain — F
  146. Rebecca Younes — F
  147. Jennifer Mimno — F
  148. Joe Kreitinger — F
  149. Mary Ann Huntley
  150. Andrejs Ozolins
  151. David Mohler — F
  152. Andrew Davis
  153. Natalia Santamaria
  154. Rene Geissler
  155. Mac Greeen — F
  156. William Fischer
  157. Joseph Frontuto — A
  158. Jim VanLeer
  159. Ronda Roaring
  160. Bruce Barber — F
  161. Susan Powell — F
  162. Marjorie Hoffman
  163. Diego Ariass-Fuentes
  164. Ron Knewstub

March 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Following an informal social hour with dinner, those present listened to a presentation by Fernando de Aragon ( Executive Director of the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council, who told the group the 2013 Ithaca area bike map will be updated this summer. He explained the current bike map rating system is based more on whether a road has a shoulder than on traffic volume. For roads with lower traffic volume, road condition is considered. Several club members had questions about the rating system. Fernando gave out copies of his business card, and invited club member input on the map and on the question of what county roads should be fixed first, via his email address (above). He urged those within FLCC interested in advocacy to join with Bike Walk Tompkins, and encouraged members to sign up for BWT list serve to receive action alerts.


Minutes of the FLCC Meeting 3/13/16

President Steven Powell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and announced he would be stepping down as president. He then read aloud from the FLCC constitution: “The purpose of the club shall be the promotion and encouragement of bicycling as a sport, healthful exercise and recreational activity.” He then read from the club bylaws: “1. The club provides community services related to the promotion of physical fitness and health through bicycling. 2. Throughout the bicycling season, the club promotes bicycle events suitable for riders of all abilities.”

Steve then opened the floor for additional nominations. There being none, a motion to close nominations was made by Mike Simkin and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to accept all the nominees and elect all the nominees was made by Mike Simkin and approved by unanimous vote, leaving the roster of club officers as follows (with new officers underlined):

–President:  Armin Heurich

–Treasurer:  Mary Bouchard

–Secretary:  Margaret Johnson

–VP for Saturday Rides:  Robert Ferguson(lead VP), Kyra Stephanoff(asst VP)

–VP for Sunday Rides:  Bill Shang

–VP for Overnight Touring:  Steven Powell

–VPs for Family Touring:  Sara Barker(co-VP), Armin Heurich(co-VP)

–VP for Racing:  Dave Heck

–VP for Cyclo-cross Racing:  Ruth Sherman

–VP for Women’s Rides:  Michelle Cilia

–VP for Publicity:  (unoccupied)

–VP for Social Activities:  (unoccupied)

–VP for Community Outreach:  (unoccupied)

–Coach:  Armin Heurich

–Race Committee:  Bill Erickson, Don Fitterer,  Mark Rishniw, Glenn Swan, Sara Barker

–Members-at-large:  Sara Barker, Mark Rishniw, Rob Ferguson, Andrejs Ozolins, Steven Powell,

–Advocacy Committee:  Bill Shang (chair), Andrejs Ozolins, Wayne Gottlieb, John Dennis, Kyra Stephanoff, Steven Powell

–Webmasters:  Andrejs Ozolins, Rebecca Younes

–VP for Liaison to Cycle-CNY:  Don Fitterer 

–VP for Casual Rides:  Doug Dylla

–VP for Youth Cycling:  Willem van Osselaer (co-VP) and Madeline Turner (co-VP)


The following reports were then read and discussed.

Treasurer’s report (Steve Powell):

Steve distributed copies of the club Treasurer’s Report, showing a balance of $7,640.11 balance. Steve explained the club buys and re-sells things at cost, leading to fluctuations in the balance from year to year. In 2015, the club did a lot of sales, on the order of $2,000-$3,000. The same was true for club events, with the Hollenbeck’s event raising about $2,000. Finally, the 2015 Young People’s Tour was scaled back, so that event also raised a bit instead of ending with a negative balance as in prior years. Steve cautioned the club is likely to lay out more expenses this year. However, he stated any amount above $5,000 balance is “extra cushion”.

Racing report (Dave Heck):

Dave announced that registration for the Hollenbeck’s event is now open. He noted the event will be adding age categories and some new volunteer gifts. The event needs volunteers to perform various duties, including driving a pace car. Dave noted the Swandrome cyclocross event organized by Glenn Swan, a more “low key” club racing event with less external sponsor involvement, is also taking place again this year.

Touring report (Steve Powell):

Steve noted Bill Webster has stepped down, but it is hoped he may return to the role of Touring VP at some point.  Steve indicated in his new capacity as VP for overnight touring, he is looking for ideas for simple weekend tours. In June, Steve will again lead the Young Peoples’ Tour, which is co-organized by Adventure Cycling. (For additional information, see: Steve indicated the club is interested in hosting a weeklong tour, and invited members to be in touch with ideas.

Advocacy report (Bill Shang)

Bill stated the FLCC’s advocacy efforts were revitalized by death of a cyclist in front of Borg Warner.

He indicated Tompkins County didn’t listen to FLCC input at the time, but that this experience opened an ongoing dialogue. Bill called on the club to assert a presence in Ithaca Festival to raise awareness, teach cyclists to ride safely and teach motorists how to safely pass. He asked for help in creating content and staffing such a table at the Festival.

Weekly ride report (Kyra Stephanoff):

Steve indicated participation in weekly rides is down–except for the womens’ ride. He called for ideas to increase participation, and suggested emulating the womens’ ride’s successful formula. Kyra said there are two weekly ride meeting spots–East Hill Plaza and the Trumansburg Farmers Market. She said it is typically the same 7-8 people who participate each time. Those participating have fun, but there are not enough people to break into speed groups. Ideas discussed for increasing participation in weekly rides included:

— Post a weekly summary of what rides are coming up.

— Post on the mailing list and FB page 3 days before each ride.

— Post ride reports after the rides.

— Make it predictable. Do the rides the way you say you will.

Steve asked the outgoing VP for Womens’ Rides, Cynthia Schnedeker, to explain that group’s success.

Cythia indicated the Womens’ Ride group announces rides by email, offers an A, B and C group, and only goes 25-30 miles, and uses the same 4-5 routes so people get to know the routes. However, finding people willing to be sweep for the C group is an ongoing need.

Social report:

There was no formal social report because the club currently has no social chair. However, Steve reminded the members the club used to hold a well-received annual picnic, and called on members to revive this tradition.

Web masters report (Andrejs Ozolins):

Andrejs alluded to recent discussion about redoing the website by asking:

Do we want to have a website? If so, what purpose should the website serve (as distinct from the list serve and the Facebook page). He asserted the website is valuable as a repository and an archive. A discussion about how to make better use of the club Facebook page followed.

Upcoming events report (Dick Porterfield):

Dick announced the Greater Finger Lakes Bike Tour will take place again this year. He described the event, and indicated the cost is $92 for the weekend. He announced for those registering now, if you are doing a charity ride, the GFLBT organizing group will donate $50 to your charity ride, as they have extra money.

New business:

A motion to create a new role of VP for casual rides was made by Kyra and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to change the name of the VP for Mountain Biking to the VP for Liaison to Cycle–CNY was made by Andrejs and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to create a new role of VP for Youth Cycling, to be held by a teenager (or teenagers), and to elect as co-VPs Willem van Osselaer and Madeline Turner of the Ithaca High School cycling club, was made by Margaret and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to establish a 2016 club grant program to make grants to worthwhile cycling organizations, to be allocated by the President with input from the board, in amounts totaling no more than 15% of the balance at the 2016 annual meeting, was made by Kyra and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

Steve announced the club has purchased an upgraded “premium” membership to which will allow club members to use it. It will be explained at a later time how club members can take advantage of this new benefit.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m..


Feb 2015 Board Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Meeting Notes from FLCC Board of Directors Meeting – February 23, 2015

(compiled by Steven Powell)

The FLCC Board of Directors met on February 23, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on the second floor cafe of Autumn Leaves used books, on the Ithaca commons. Present were Steven Powell, Andrejs Ozolins, Mark Rishniw, Bill Shang, Dave Heck, Kyra Stephanoff, and Rob Ferguson. Glenn Swan and Sara Barker could not attend, but provided comments/concerns via email.

Via email Glenn Swan requested that the club find another place to store the tables, chairs, and signs that are currently stored at Swan Cycles. After a brief discussion, Dave Heck offered to store these items in his basement. We will round up some volunteers and move the items sometime in the early spring, or by the time of the Hollenbeck’s race (1st weekend in May), at the very latest.

Bill Shang feels strongly that the club should take a more active role in advocacy, specifically advocating for safer road conditions for cyclists. Therefore, Bill will be nominated for the club’s advocacy committee, and if the membership elects him (at the March annual meeting), then Steve intends to appoint him committee chair. As a private citizen, Bill has been in touch with local officials regarding the collision between a cyclist and vehicle near the Borg Warner plant exit on Warren Rd, which resulted in the death of the cyclist. If the club elects him to the advocacy committee, then he would like to provide a stronger voice (as a club representative) to local officials as they propose possible changes along Warren Rd, and for new construction projects being proposed elsewhere in the county. Bill would like to see us advocate for safer road conditions, better signage, and educate both cyclists and motorists for safer roadway behavior. It was pointed out that the newly formed Bike Walk Tompkins (BWT) organization has advocacy and education as part of its mission, so we should explore ways of partnering with BWT to be a combined strong voice for positive change.

Dave Heck talked about the planning for the Hollenbeck’s race. He noted that last year, after covering all expenses, and donating $500 to the Ellis Hollow Nursery School, the club cleared $340. Dave is proposing to raise the pre-reg cost from $18 to $24 for this year. He notes that most similar races are asking $30-35 for pre-reg, so our $6 cost increase to $24 is quite modest. Similarly, he would like to raise the day-of registration from $30 to $35. He also is proposing a new 55+ race category. (Via email, Sara supported the race cost increases and the new race category.) For prize money, Dave is proposing that the top 3 finishers in each category get their registration fee refunded.

We had a brief description of the unfortunate incident at the hostel in Niagara Falls last memorial day, where the hostel owner could not provide the promised accommodations, and he *did not* immediately refund the club’s deposit money. To date, the club has received $1000 out of a total of approximately $1200, and we expect to receive the remaining $200. by this summer. We thanked Andrejs for his effort to recover as much money as possible from the owner. And we thank Alexey Loginov for his quick thinking which resulted in finding alternate accommodations for the group, and a great Memorial Day Weekend trip.

Rob and Kyra discussed the state of the Saturday rides, and their intention to post a full slate of mapped rides, in advance, by May 1. These will be no-drop rides, and each will have a long and short option, with a common start point. While the routes for each ride will be chosen in advance, with maps and cue sheets made available on our website, the leader for a given ride will be self-selected from the group that shows up for a given ride.

There was a discussion and a consensus was reached that a note should be placed on our website informing people how to download GPX track files for each of our rides from . Andrejs agreed to add this note to the website.

Bill discussed the state of the Sunday rides, and together we discussed the fact that the drug store along Judd Falls Rd no longer allows cars to be parked for purposes other than shopping, and we should come up with a new start location for our Sunday rides. One possibility is to recommend parking in East Hill Plaza, just across the road from our old meeting location. Kyra offered to check out the signage in the plaza to make sure that this is permitted. (Several people said this is not permitted on work days, but they thought it was OK on the weekend). Kyra will clarify.

Andrejs talked about the website and is interested to hear about any possible improvements that people might suggest. We should solicit feedback/suggestions about the website at our upcoming annual meeting, and also on the listserv from the general membership. Suggestions can be sent to .

Mark will be helping to organize the cycling portion of the Empire State Senior Games this summer. While he will not be at the games, due to a travel commitment, Glenn and Marcia Swan are likely to help with the running of the event. Volunteers are needed and should get in touch with Mark.

A new organizer is needed for the Cascadilla Hill Climb (CHC) as Andrejs would like to pass the baton for this popular September event.  We would like the CHC to be listed in the club’s agenda as an annual event — which would mean raising it as a chore at the annual meeting and finding individuals to take responsibility for it each year.  Another option is to try to partner with Bike Walk Tompkins since this is a community oriented event with categories that include riders of all abilities.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm and look forward to seeing all members at the annual meeting on March 29, 2015 – see club calendar for date, location, and agenda.



Mar 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

FLCC March 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes
(Minutes prepared by FLCC secretary Wayne Gottlieb & reviewed by Steven Powell)

Members present:  Steven Powell, Mary Bouchard, Wayne Gottlieb, Kyra Stephanoff, Andrejs Ozolins, Sara Barker, Armin Heurich, Dave Heck, Don and Sandy Fitterer, Glenn Swan, Mary Beth and Aidan and Sawyer Tierney, David and Susan Rupert, Rob Ferguson, Richie Berg, Drew Noden, John Spence, Paul and Holly and Oliver Monkman, Jim McKenna, Bonnie and Jill Powell, Eva & Jason Stillwell, Marsha Zgola, Jill DiMauro, and Micheline Zion.

Date:  Sunday, March 24, 2013

Social Hour:  5:30-6:30 pm.
Most of those present arrived between, 5:30 and 6.  The club bought pizza, salad and drinks.  Several others brought cookies, fruit and other goodies.  There was mingling all around before business.

Business Meeting:  6:30-8:00 pm
Website praised:  Steve Reminded us that we should be proud of the FLCC website.  Of course thanks go to Andrejs and Andy, who keep the website up.  As well as being complete, through and informational, it is open for all who wish to use it.   Many who are considering coming to the Finger Lakes to ride look to the website to plan their time here.  Great job Andrejs and Andy.    Though it actually happened on the next page, I thought I’d report it here.  Steve also mentioned that Andrejs recently moved the site to our own paid site.

Gift for the Ex-Prez.  Before tackling the agenda items, Ex- President Dave Rupert said a few words of thanks for the gifts he received from the club.  He showed us the really cool clock made from recycled chain ring.

Nominations & Election of Officers
Steve read the list of officers.  (See below)
It was moved that we elect all officers as a single slate.  It was seconded and carried as such with no opposition.
–President:  Steven Powell
–Treasurer:  Mary Bouchard
–Secretary:  Wayne Gottlieb
–VP for Saturday Rides:  Kyra Stephanoff (lead VP) and Rob Ferguson and Doug Dylla (asst. VPs)
–VP for Touring:  Andrejs Ozolins
–VP for Overnight Touring:  Rena Scroggins
–VPs for Family Touring:  Sara Barker and Armin Heurich
–VP for Racing:  Dave Heck
–VPs for Mountain Biking:  Don Fitterer and Brenda Smith
–VP for Cyclo-cross Racing:  LiLynn has stepped down and there is no replacement.
–VP for Publicity:  Kyra Stephanoff has stepped down and there is no replacement.
–VP for Social Activities:  Marcie Robinson
–VP for Community Outreach: There was no nominee for this position
–Coach:  Jake Veigel
–Race Committee:  William A Erickson , Don Fitterer, Mark Rishniw, Glennn Swan, Sara Barker
–Members-at-large:  Sara Barker, Mark Rishniw, David Ruppert, Rob Ferguson
–Advocacy Committee:  Steven Powell, Andrejs Ozolins, Brenda Smith, Wayne Gottlieb
–Webmasters:  Andrejs Ozolins, Andy Goodell

Several positions weren’t filled; VP for Cyclo-cross racing, VP for Publicity and VP for Community Outreach.

Treasurer’s Report
Mary Ann, though not present, supplied a detailed treasurer’s report.  Here are some highlights (click here to see the report for more details).
Ending balance: 5,523.29 (See Report for details)
Membership dues continue to be high ($1,402.57)
Clothing sales have gone up ($1,490.00) – we sell club jersey’s and jackets at-cost.
The one activity that lost money was the young People’s tour.  There was some concern about this and a discussion ensued as to whether we should raise the fees for the ride.  Some suggested increasing fees from 10 to 25 or 20, arguing that no one would complain or see a difference.  However, Many (Andrejs, Steve, Wayne) argued that it’s worth losing on this to make sure everyone can come.  This was not seen as a problem since the club’s ending balance was $1,300 higher than last years’ balance.  There was also some discussion about asking for donations for those who wish to donate.  Andrejs suggested putting a space for donations on the membership page.  Kyra suggested including a donation box during the event.  No specific action was taken on this.

Kyra suggested we join since we use their website to post rides.  All heartily agreed.

Club Officer’s Reports
–Weekly rides

III.  Upcoming Events

IV.  New Business
–Website: Membership list, public or private
–Bike-ride fundraiser for Better Housing of Tompkins County: John Spence
–other new business

Weekly Rides
Saturday Ride:  report from Kyra Stephanoff.   Our newest ride is the Saturday ride, which has a leader, sweep, cue sheet.  The object of the ride is to include riders of all levels, who may be intimidated by the Sunday rides, which can be fast (but really aren’t all that fast lately).  She reports that it’s been difficult to get leaders.  She’d like to have the first ride of every month set now.  Rob Ferguson has already taken May 4th.  Wayne Gottlieb took June 1st, but then he only realized upon writing this that he has to be at Ithaca Festival on that day, so he’ll have to take a different date.  Kyra passed around a sheet to get people to sign up to be ride leader at the meeting.

Mountain biking:  Don Fitterer reports that “We haven’t lost anybody yet.”  (though he’s still trying).  They take off from Swan Cycles.  Cycle CNY is an advocate group for mountain biking and they maintain Shindagan.  He suggests we support them.   For example, they built a new new trail at Shindagan from the parking lot that’s dryer than the previous trail.  There are rides on Tuesday and Thursday nights led by Brenda.  Don does a Friday night ride and some on Saturday for those who are interested.   Between 8-10 people show up and several bring their dogs.  If you want to bring a dog, make sure they’re friendly toward other dogs and are trained for accompanying mountain bikers.

Wednesday night ride:  East Hill Plaza led by Cynthia Schnedeker.   Cynthia leads the ride and makes sure everyone gets back.

Thursday:  Slow ride from Professional building.  Andrejs has been doing it officially, but Rob Ferguson has been doing it unofficially.  The rate is generally 12 miles per hour with a no drop rule.  For riders who go even slower than the 12 MPH, they’ll stop at intersections to wait.   These rides include mandatory Ice cream stops though it is not mandatory to eat ice cream.  On the other hand, who goes on a bike ride with a mandatory ice cream stop and doesn’t eat ice cream (craziness)?   Richie Berg  brought up the issues of waning daylight.  As the season got later, it was sometimes too dark getting back.  The rides had to be shorter and shorter.  It was proposed that the time be changed back to 5:30 instead.  Andrejs said that there has always been this problem.  Unfortunately, some people can’t make it that early.  Don said that the ride at Glenn’s, has very little participation because it’s so early.  It was concluded that the ride can be done earlier if there is consensus.  It was also suggested that everyone be encouraged to bring lights.  Andrejs suggested putting together a workshop in buying and using bike lights.  .

Hollenbecks:  Dave Heck gave a report on Hollenbecks.  Things went well.  We can use more volunteers, corner marshals, drivers and finish line people.  It’s Sunday May 5th.  E-mail Dave Heck <> if you want to help out.

Encouraging young racers:  Steve asks how we can help the younger racers more?  Dave:  Corning has gotten active with the younger racers so we’ve been feeding the young racers to Corning.  Armin:  I’ve been training younger racers and I will again this season, probably on Saturdays (these are not his precise words, but close enough).  This training is loosely connected with the Corning race club.   Sara B. added  We might culminate what we do in a fun race for young kids

Racing for kids, Sara Barker:  Focus on what young people can do (5-6 years old).  I started a regular event at Swans.  This year I’d like to have a fun night.  She’ll lead kids on a ride in the woods to do different skills.  They may do Cyclocross (for older kids), going over logs, etc.  This is a good way to get kids into cycling.  One day she had 40-50 kids show up.  Steve:  Perhaps the club can contribute funds for snacks .  Sara: Please spread the word that wed like to have kids join us.  We’d like to make this a big event.

Saturday ride with Armin:  He started a ride to the Farmer’s market.  This is a family friendly ride.  He’s considering putting in a hill and lengthening it.

Sara B.:  Where do we send out ride blurbs?  Send to Andrejs.

Except for the Finger Lakes I and II tours, it seems that rides develop as people plan rides and get other’s involved.  Here’s an example.

Week long tours:  There’s one cooking for May.  Andrejs will do a tour to Quebec.  Blueberry tour in Early July.   He’ll drive to Quebec or take a train from Montreal to ease up the driving.
Mid August:  Riding in Willamette Valley on Oregon.  Before that he’ll be riding at Glacier National Park, Montana and invites other people to join him.

Social Issues
Lucy Guilardo spoke with Andrejs.  Her husband was a member of the bike club for a long time.  Her husband died recently so she scheduled a bike ride to commemorate her husbands riding interests.  It’s on the same day as Hollenbecks.

Annual Club Picnic:  There will be a picnic this summer.  Date to be determined.

Upcoming events:
April 21 Earth day at Farmer’s market.  We will have a  ride in conjunction with the event.
May 5th Hollenbecks:   Streets Alive! Ithaca:  Lucy Giardano ride
May 10-12 weekend tour #1  40ish miles per day
May 24-27 Montreal memorial day weekend holiday ride
June 7-9 Great Finger Lakes bike tour. (STBC, Watkins Glenn State Park)
June 15-16 Weekend tour #2
June 22-23  Young peoples tour Brockport.    Will need 4-5 vehicles and adult volunteers.

New business:
Membership list:  Steve suggests having a link to the club membership page.  A discussion ensued about the possibility of including e-mail addresses, but having the page available only to those with a password.  This was nixed.  Log in pages are difficult and problematic.  There was a motion to include the page (with only names) and it carried.

Lifetime membership category:  passed, changed and finally defeated.  Kyra made a motion to have a lifetime membership category.  The motion carried.  Steve moved to make it 15 times the yearly membership cost.  It was amended again to make it 15 times membership fees but only for individual members.  More discussion ensued on the membership issue.  Motion to remove the lifetime membership option.  Motion carried.   So, the lifetime membership doesn’t exist.  Forget I ever said anything.

Raising club dues.  There was a motion by Sara Barker to raise club dues to $12-individual, $15 family and $10 for associate (from other clubs) in 2014.  (Current dues are $10/12/7).  Motion carried.  Fees have been raised starting in 2014.  Note:  This does not affect club dues for the current calendar year of 2013.

John Spence:  Proposal for a bike fundraiser for “Better Housing for Tompkins County” (with which he is associated).   He proposes a fundraiser for better housing.  Better housing deals with affordable housing issues (downtown for example).  He proposes putting on a bike ride in the fall.  Glenn made some suggestions for rides such as rides of different lengths starting from Trumansburg.  He’s looking for anybody who would be interested in helping put this ride together.  Sara mentioned that although we run a lot of bike rides and races, we do no fundraisers.  Drew Noden mentioned that he does two rides, the Aids ride and Pedals for Pets.  He warned that too many events in a small area like Ithaca, can lead to diminishing returns.  Andrejs also has some experience with this.  The two will talk to John, but it looks like something he will pursue.


Nov 2012 Board Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Finger Lakes Cycling Club — Board of Directors Meeting
November 4, 2012  4:00-5:00

(Minutes prepared by FLCC secretary Wayne Gottlieb & reviewed by the board members).

Present: Steve Powell, Andrejs Ozolins, Glenn Swan, Wayne Gottlieb, Holly Monkman, Brenda Smith, Mary Ann Huntley, Dave Heck, Kyra Stephanoff,  Andy Goodell.  Marcie Robinson

Steve showed us his 10 dollar panniers.  They’re made of  White plastic. Called Donkey Boxx.  Steve would like to buy approximately 100 of them and store them at Swan Cycles or another location.  Glenn was not as taken with the idea as Steve was. Steve is still looking for a place to store them.  They will be used for people who are going on the Adventure Cycling and FLCC trips and who may not have their own panniers.

Steve started the meeting by stating the purpose of meeting.  Communication among officers.   What’s working well and what is not?

Glenn: What’s working well with Glenn was his March cycling trip to Maui.  This was the highlight of the year for him.  11 day trip.  Could make it shorter.  It was proposed we attempt to entice others to join him.
Discussion on Bike Fridays and traveling bikes ensued.  Other than those, it’s difficult to travel with bikes.  Glenn know people on Maui who might be able to rent bikes.

Dave:  discussed the Hollenbecks race.  It was largely successful.  Few complaints, good weather.  This was Dave’s first year in charge.  Most people did the same jobs, which made things run smoothly.  There was some concern that our chief official was from the club and not assigned by the UCSF. Should be someone from outside the club.  More on this later (see Marcie Robinson).

Mary Ann:  Wednesday night women’s rides.  Cynthia Schnedeker took over and did a great job planning.  She’s been careful about making sure everyone finishes.  The ride has developed the reputation of being too fast for some.  Past years have been bigger, but we’ve still been able to break into 2 groups most weeks.  Andrejs suggested to choose a place to meet and gather up.   She’s unhappy with the idea that some will not go because they hear it’s too fast.  Mary Ann suggested that she’d stay behind with slower riders.  There have to be a couple of people who make the commitment to stay slower.  Andrejs suggests making a rule so that social rides are meant to stay together.

Steve brought up the problem of electing officials every year.  Every year or every 3 years?  We should add by-laws to the website.  Consensus was to leave term at 1 year, and possibly add term limits.

Kyra:  Saturday rides.  Worked well, but it was hard to get leaders for this ride.  There were lots of people who signed up to lead, but sometimes they waited til the last minute to commit, so Kyra was left waiting and looking for someone else.  Suggestion to have about 12 leaders who commit to make sure they are done, not necessarily actually ride the ride.    Would be nice if every leader did a post-ride report.  I did.  I don’t know what’s up with those other ride leaders. Sometimes there were alternates in case anybody wanted to go slower or a shorter distance.  Leader must make sure no one is dropped.

Brenda Smith:  FLCC is  trying to integrate with cycling CNY.  Trail days have gone well. Next year  they’re considering a Wednesday night race series, at different state forests.    Might try to get  Thursday night club involved with cycle CNY.  Cycle CNY includes the whole CNY area, Ithaca is part of this.  Should FLCC have a mountain bike contingency?  Don Fitterer is the VP of mountain biking and is active with cycle CNY, so this seems sufficient (Glenn).  Cycle CNY rides are not necessarily posted to FLCC, so there should be a way for FLCC people to find out about these rides, even when they are not on the cycle CNY list.  Perhaps Don can post to FLCC making ride announcements.  Andrejs suggests posting a mountain biking link to cycle CNY so people can go directly there.  While we’re at it , we should have a link to the Nordic ski.

Andy Goodell:  Did some website stuff.  Added a randonneuring page to the FLCC website.   Steve suggests a web master mentoring/squire  sort of thing for the FLCC website between Andrejs and Andy.  Andy is fine with that.  Andy has already done some updating of pages he saw as being out of date.  Andy has two big web ideas.  Spent 2 days took pictures of bike racks.  Put together an interactive map of bike racks in the Ithaca Area.  With any event, it would be nice to show where bike racks are at certain events and where the buses go.  Another big idea, how to get from here to there by bike.  What are options for getting around the city.  Kyra:  in the Netherlands, there are numbers around the city.  You can use the numbers to look for routes.

Steve:  Andrejs and Steve helped develop a 14 day bike ride around the Finger Lakes region through Adventure Cycling.  $100/day  around the Finger Lakes region about 450 miles. Starts in Syracuse.  Counterclockwise route.  Staying in hostels and camping.  They also put together a ride that builds on the young peoples ride.  Now, it’s a weekend ride with from 30-60 people.   This year, they’re expanding it to an 8 day tour from Erie Canal to Niagara Falls, ON.  Adventure Cycling has accepted it and is publishing it.   This is where the 10 dollar panniers come in.  They will be used on the tour for those who don’t’ have their own panniers.  In addition to these Adventure Cycling tours, Andrejs and Steve will still be putting together a package of multi-day trips as in the past.

Membership cards.  September 1st on, should cover the following year too.  So, Sept 1 should be the cut off date.  Before that, you’ll be a member for that year only.  Andrejs mentioned Software that can actually send you reminders of when to re-up.  Messages are now being sent out the first of the year to encourage everyone to sign up then.

Andrejs:  The Library is looking for $250.00 sponsors for which they’ll post a card in the stacks.  Andrejs suggests buying subscription for bicycling magazine for the library.  Last time he tried, they refused.  As for sponsoring a rack at the library, Steve suggests saving that for the annual meeting for the membership to vote on $250.00 donation.

Holly Monkman:  family cycling.  Weekly bike path ride not working well with schedules and weather. Sara Barker has been doing a great job getting kids involved in the cross races and rides.  Glenn suggests turning this interest into bike advocacy, getting students to ride to school.

Marcie Robinson:  Concerned about there not being a chief official who is from a different area.  She is also concerned that there is not an official on the road with the cyclists.  If an accident happened, it could be serious if paperwork is not done properly and officials are not available.   The club has about 4 officials.  Two of them do results in the car.  Glenn suggested that we ask others to get licensed so that we can have officials in the pace cars.

Glenn:  Didn’t do the seminar series this year because of low turnout in past years.  Should we try again?  Perhaps put a poll up and see if there is interest and in which topics.

There will be a mid winter touring meeting again, which will include a slideshow and brainstorm for the upcoming cycling season.

It was left up in the air as to whether the officers will get together again soon to revisit some of these issues.  We will, at a minimum, circulate follow-up email messages, and determine what proposals to present to the membership at the annual meeting in March.


Club Officers – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The Finger Lakes Cycling Club Officers for 2016 were elected in March of 2016:

President: Armin Heurich
General VP and Secretary: Margaret Johnson
Treasurer: Mary Bouchard
VP for Saturday Rides: Robert Ferguson(lead VP), Kyra Stephanoff(asst VP)
VP for Sunday Rides: Bill Shang
VP for Overnight Touring: Steven Powell
VPs for Family Touring: Sara Barker(co-VP), Armin Heurich (co-VP)
VP for Racing: Dave Heck
VP for Cyclo-cross Racing: Ruth Sherman
VP for Women’s Rides: Michelle Heck
VP for Publicity and Outreach: Katie Moring
VP for Social Activities: (unoccupied)
Coach: Armin Heurich
Race Committee: Bill Erickson, Don Fitterer, Mark Rishniw, Glenn Swan, Sara Barker
Members-at-large: Sara Barker, Mark Rishniw, Rob Ferguson, Steven Powell,
Advocacy Committee: Bill Shang (chair), Wayne Gottlieb, John Dennis, Kyra Stephanoff, Steven Powell
Webmaster: Rebecca Younes
VP for Liaison to Cycle-CNY: Don Fitterer
VP for Casual Rides: Doug Dylla
VP for Youth Cycling: Willem van Osselaer (co-VP) and Madeline Turner (co-VP)


Email Subscriptions – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The FLCC maintains a number of email lists as an interactive means for club members and others to communicate about bicycling matters in our area. Each list is described below, with a link to the subscription page. The lists are meant to be self-service, with all possible changes and adjustments accessible to the subscribers.

The subscription pages provide instructions for subscribing to the list and configuring your subscription preferences. You can return to the subscription page to unsubscribe, change your password, get a password reminder, and change your subscription options. Your email address will be kept secure and will never be used for any purpose other than list communications.


This is the main FLCC mailing list is used by club members and others to communicate about bicycling matters in our area. The list can be used to invite company on an impromptu ride, to inquire about routes or plans, to buy or sell bike related goods, to brag about or invite sympathy for one’s riding — in short, to keep in touch with other cyclists.

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Family Rides List

This email list is used by people interested in participating in the Family Rides Group. This list is used to announce or inquire about rides that are being organized. Use the list to propose a new ride, ask about an existing one, cancel one because of inclement weather, etc.

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Touring List

The touring list is used by the Touring Group to announce and organize multi-day bike tours.

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Women’s Road Ride List

The WRR list is used to exchange information about the Wednesday women’s road rides, including ride announcements and links to maps and routes.

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Club Stuff – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Club Stuff

President’s Statement

The Finger Lakes Cycling Club has been supporting recreational bicycling in our region since about 1971. Centered in the small upstate New York city of Ithaca, we have about 150 members who cover the spectrum of cycling interests.

The FLCC is active with sponsored riding from April through October, but good weather can extend the season even into December. In addition there are many rides initiated through our excellent bike shops and weekly informal gatherings that sometimes can top sixty riders.

The Finger Lakes area is characterized by long glacial valleys with steep climbs that test your low gears and quads. It is pretty hard to find long flat sections of road in our area, which may be the training secret that enables local riders to bike around the city and even do well in road and mountain bike racing. That same rolling countryside gives us spectacular scenery for all our riding with views of mixed hardwood forests, deep gorges, and long deep valleys and lakes. The many state parks, famous wineries, historic towns, and spectacular scenery make this an outstanding destination for touring bicyclists. Our climate is that of the Great Lakes region. There are long, pleasant summers having typical afternoon temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s — perfect for cycling. Fall colors, which peak in mid to late October, rival those of northern New England.

As Ithaca is home to an Ivy League university (Cornell University), and a distinguished comprehensive college (Ithaca College), the town is a cosmopolitan blend of the world’s cultures well-represented in our entertainment and dining choices.

Our club welcomes both new members and travelers to our area. Contact any of the officers for more specific information. Come ride with us in this gorgeous place.

Steve Powell, President

Organizational Documents

The FLCC operates very informally, usually holding only one meeting a year, and staying away from situations requiring rules of order as much as possible. However, there are two documents that constitute our legal foundation, a Constitution and our founding document, the Certificate of Incorporation. Amazingly, scanned images of these survive and are actually needed from time to time in making decisions about how to do things. Both seem to have been developed in December 1981, though the club’s earliest remembered activities go back to 1971.