8th Annual Young People’s Bike Tour – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Announcing the opening of sign-ups for the June 4-5, 2016 weekend bike tour along a central portion of the Erie Canal towpath trail, organized by the FLCC Touring Group. Its the 8th Annual FLCC Young People’s Bike Tour!

**Sorry, the tour is now full. You may email Ted Caldwell to be placed on the wait list**

**Registration is now open for the tour.** We’ve moved the entire registration process online. It’s a simple 2-step process:

1. Go to the online Registration Form and enter all of the basic information about you and your family or group.

2. Use the Payment Form provided here (to the left) to pay the registration fee, using a PayPal account or any major credit card. Be sure to enter the names of one or more people in your group, so we can match your payment up with your registration.

Note: If you’d like to make a voluntary donation, above and beyond the standard fee of $35 per person, then simply choose a higher number than the actual number of people in your group from the pull-down menu.  Voluntary donations help subsidize the scholarships that are available to needy individuals or families.


Click Here to Download the Tour Information Packet, and click here for the updated meeting map, which details our exact meeting place (including a driving map from Ithaca to the Brockport start), what to bring, and a draft cue sheet and biking map.  The final version of the cue sheet and map will be handed out at the event start, but you might find the draft useful in anticipating the route and the rest stops.

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, and in past years the trip has filled quite quickly, so we encourage people to signup as soon as possible.

Some Background On The Tour: Our bicycling route will be on the beautiful Erie Canal towpath trail, from Brockport to Fairport (and return), with overnight camping on the grounds of the terrific Perinton Community Center. This is a great opportunity for first-time bike tourists and campers to experience the fun and utility of bike touring. For trip veterans, this is the same route that we used in 2013. While we will be camping, we can take advantage of the great facilities of the community center, such as the amazing indoor water park with slides, lazy river, and hot tub. (There’s also some quiet study space available in the community center for any kids that need to do some weekend schoolwork on Saturday afternoon/evening).

Here’s an outline of the trip:

What: A weekend bicycle tour with 1 night of camping along the Erie Canal Towpath Trail near Rochester for families, kids, teens and adult chaperones.

When: Saturday, June 4 to Sunday, June 5, 2016.

Where: We will meet in Brockport, NY on Saturday morning, then ride our bikes 35 miles along the car-free Erie Canal Towpath Trail to Fairport, NY and camp at the Perinton Community Center. On Sunday, we bike 35 miles back to Brockport, ending mid-afternoon. FYI, Brockport is approximately a 2-hour drive from Ithaca.

Cost: $35 per person, which includes food for the weekend (lunch & dinner on Saturday, breakfast & lunch on Sunday, plus rest stop snacks both days), camping, showers & swimming at the indoor pool/waterpark at the Perinton Community Center. Also included is transportation of your camping gear and personal items from the start point to the overnight location on Saturday, and return transportation of these items back to the start on Sunday. The club has a large supply of Donkey Boxx panniers to loan out to anyone who would like to carry their gear on their bikes. (FYI, the club runs this trip at-cost.)

IMPORTANT: Volunteers Needed! We need in the range of 16 to 20 adult volunteers to help make this trip possible. Volunteers are needed to staff the rest stops, drive support vehicles, assist at road crossings, supervise campground setup, and help with dinner & breakfast prep, among other tasks. Most of these are non-biking volunteer positions, but all volunteers will have a chance to bike one day, and do their volunteer job on the other day of this weekend event. We will provide transportation for your bicycle so that you can volunteer on one day, and bike with your family or group on the other day. We also gladly accept adult volunteers without young family members, who would like to serve as a volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, then signup along with your family members (if any) using the same online Registration Formas all other participants, and you’ll be given an opportunity to state your volunteer job preference within that form. We will then contact you to discuss and confirm your specific volunteer role.

and finally…….

While this tour is being organized and run by the Finger Lakes Cycling Club, it will be part of a nationwide effort called National Bike Travel Weekend . This is a new initiative started by the nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, and will feature thousands of bike travelers, all taking part in independent bike trips on the same weekend in June, 2016. There is an online interactive map that shows all of the planned trips, including our FLCC tour. Note that this list of trips will grow as we get closer to June. See:

All the best,
Steve Powell,
Tour Director, 2016 FLCC Young People’s Bike Tour


2016 Touring Season – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Information for 2016 is just being assembled and will be posted as soon as it’s available.

8th Annual Young People’s Bike Tour — June 4-5, 2016 — Click Here for Info


Touring – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

“Touring” is a bit ambiguous among cyclists. On one hand, we use it in opposition to “racing.” Rides that are not competitive, that don’t hurry past pleasant views, that surrender to opportunities for coffee and conversation are usually referred to as tours. This is what we’ll call “rides,” the club’s Sunday rides being the best example.

A second sense of “touring” is the extended trip, usually for several days. Such trips may involve carrying all supplies for camping overnight (“self-supported touring”); carrying only daily necessities and having a support team transport one’s camping gear and other belongings to each day’s destination (“supported touring”); or they may involve carrying only the credit card that can be used to acquire all the other necessities. We also have two annual “getaways,” on the long weekends of Memorial and Columbus days. These take place somewhere within driving distance of Ithaca where we can spend the weekend cycling with lodgings in a central location.

News of club tours are always announced on the FLCC email list (subscribe). Discussion and planning of tours takes place on a smaller email list, free for all interested to become part of (subscribe).

The Touring Group

Beginning in 2008, the FLCC established a “touring group,” members whose primary interest is in this second kind of touring — taking bike trips of at least several days duration. We seek out opportunities for self-supported touring as an ideal form of travel. However, we also appreciate supported tours — people’s needs, abilities, and goals vary, after all. We encourage everyone interested in bicycle touring to undertake it at whatever level they find comfortable. Our short, weekend tours are especially suited for those who want a taste of this kind of travel — most of the usual participants carry their own gear, but, since the routes are generally close to home, we are usually able to get support-vehicle help if it’s needed. We are all volunteers and we organize bike tours just for fun. If you like to travel by bike, with frequent stops to “smell the roses” and eat ice cream, then we invite you to
join us on any our tours. The details will be shaped to fit the participants.


For our weekend tours with daily loop rides, all that is needed is a road bike with a waterbottle, and perhaps a small handlebar bag or seat pack with room for basic tools, a spare tube, and a snack or sandwich.

For our self-contained tours, almost any bike with a rack and rear packs (panniers) will work, although some people prefer to tow their gear in a small trailer behind their bikes. A mountain bike with smooth tires is a good option for most types of bike touring.

You will also need personal camping gear including a sleeping bag, a ground pad, mess kit, and a small tent.

Equipment can get elaborate and expensive, but used equipment, inexpensive alternatives, and help from friends can make bike touring accessible to anyone. Contact any member of the touring group for advice; among us, we have lots of extra equipment and can probably help you get on the road to the touring addiction. The club even has some very inexpensive panniers available to try out. Don’t let a lack of equipment keep you from joining us!

Trip Group Size

The size of our tour groups varies greatly, with the most common size being approximately 12 people. We have had as few as 3, and as many as 26 on our trips. For practical purposes we may have to place a size limit on a given trip.


As an all-volunteer, non-profit group, we strive to keep the cost of each trip as low as possible. Typical cost of our trips are approximately $25 per person per day which includes camping fees and shared group meals for breakfast and dinner. Lunch and snack expenses can vary from person to person. When our trips utilize indoor accommodations (hostels, dorm rooms, B&Bs, etc) we try to find something in the range of $20-$30 per person per night, which usually means shared rooms.


For efficiency, we try to form carpools to the tour starts. Note that several of our tours start in Ithaca, which allows many people to bike right from home, and totally eliminates automobile use for those tours.

Trip Sign Up

Sign-up for any of our trips with an email to Some of our trips may require a small deposit. We will let you know in a reply email.

Club Membership

The Finger Lakes Cycling Club is the foundation of our Touring Group and it provides many things to help make our bike tours a success (website, listserv, publicity, insurance, and a supportive community). The club also helps subsidize some bike tour expenses. Therefore, we require all bike tour participants to join our club. Membership is open to everyone, at the rate of $10/year individual, or $12/year family. Join online on the Membership Application page.


Cycle-CNY Mountain Bike Club – Finger Lakes Cycling Club has been an information hub for mountain bikers in the Southern Tier of NY since 2005.  Its existence has led to many friendships, many rides, and many trails.  It has forged partnerships with NYS land managers and with the largest mountain bike advocacy group in the world, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

Mountain bike riders are a diverse bunch, crossing all social, ethnic, and generational gaps.  Brenda Smith, Steve Gelb, and I believe the time is ripe to introduce our community to mountain biking as a viable activity for sheer enjoyment, as a vehicle to long-term health, and as a conduit to better understand the fragile environment we cohabitate with other living things.

In mid-March 2012 Cycle-CNY will officially become the first IMBA Chapter in New York.  If you haven’t read the forum chatter go here for that discussion, or go to for more information on their Chapter program.  With our new IMBA partnership Cycle-CNY will become a non-profit incorporation, establish a revenue stream and have club insurance, positioning us to grow our impact on mountain biking in the Southern Tier of NY.

Communities that embrace the many virtues of mountain biking invariably benefit from that sponsorship.  Brenda, Steve, and I reach out to you today in our initial attempt to recruit Cycle-CNY leaders.  Cycle-CNY will be governed by a board-of-directors and have four elected officer roles.  There are many more roles to fill and events to plan.  There will be much hard work but also much fun in the journey.

Each person has to have a passion in life that transcends their everyday concerns.  Few endeavors are of greater interest to Brenda, Steve, and I than the maintenance and expansion of mountain biking trails and activities in the Southern Tier.  We are very enthusiastic at the prospect of closely working with others that share this passion.

Transforming positive emotions into concrete accomplishments is always the challenge.  Few things are as gratifying as seeing a good idea come to fruition.  When it is an idea shared by people you like and respect, a positive outcome is even more rewarding.  We look forward to exchanging ideas with you and the other leaders recruited in this endeavor.

If you’re interested in serving Cycle-CNY in any capacity we’ll add you to our club leadership e-mail list. Please simply show your support by  e-mailing Nate Hunter at  We’re interested in knowing what role you’d like to take and what activities you would specifically like to be involved with.  Many thanks for your time and support!

Happy holidays!

Nathan Hunter

Brenda Smith

Steve Gelb


Mountain Biking – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The Co-Vice Presidents for Mountain Biking are:

Donal Fitterer
111 Burleigh Dr.
Ithaca, NY 14850
H:(607)266-8438  W:(607)273-8351  C:(607)227-0761

Brenda Smith H: 607) 539-7196  C: (607)220-4770

Mountain biking has never been as organized a part of FLCC activities as road riding. However, it is a very active and important part of cycling in our area. We are pleased to announce to that our local mountain bike club, Cycle-CNY, has worked very hard to become an IMBA chapter effective March 16, 2012.  They will offer a large variety of mountain biking activities, including events, weekly rides, and hopefully a skills clinic or two.  Don and I are both highly involved in Cycle-CNY and we encourage you to be, too!  The FLCC will still offer the Monday Night Rides and the Fall Night Club rides.

Monday Night Rides  Once the trails dry out in the spring, there is mountain biking at Swan Cycles on Mondays at 5:00 pm.  It is always best to check to make sure the event is happening when the weather is iffy or the season is getting underway.  The best way to reach Glenn is via email during the day at Swan Cycles opens at 6:30pm so the rides start very close to 5pm and end around 6:15pm.  The routes are challenging and hilly.  Call the shop for details at 607-277-0495.

The Night Club mountain bike rides start in September and meet on Thursday nights at Connecticut Hill at 6pm.  These are very challenging rides and good lights are highly recommended. The rides usually last 2 hours and keep you warm at the end by climbing back to the parking area. Contact Mark Shenstone for more information at

The club mailing list is a good way to learn about off-road plans or invite others to join in your plans.

Please check out our fact sheet:  Mountain Biking 101, the skills and tips covered at our mountain biking clinic held Sept. 20th, 2009.

Mike Ludgate leads several rides a week at Hammond Hill and has his own website:

Trail Maps:

There are four areas famous for mountain biking in our area: Shindagin State Forest, Hammond Hill State Forest, Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area**, and Jenksville.  By far, Shindagin is the mountain bike area of choice for most riders in our area.

**a note about Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area trails–these trails are not marked in the forest and unless you’re really good at picking up trails in the woods, and/or good with direction, it is very easy to get lost out there.  It’s a good idea to go with someone who already knows these trails for this reason.  The trails that are marked with paint blazes are part of the FLT and are NOT open to mountain biking.  Please avoid these trails.

Donal and Brenda


Hill Climb – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Saturday, September 30, 2017 –the next Cascadilla Hill Climb returns for another season. Registration starts at 9:00 am; racing at 10:00 am. The fee this year will be $5 US per bicycle (take note, tandem and triple owners!).

What is the CHC?

This is an utterly, completely, chaotically informal event, held annually (on the last Saturday in September) just for the fun of it. The CHC has been an Ithaca fall tradition since 1971. Because the hill climb matches people of comparable ability against each other, it is truly something that can be enjoyed by every member of the cycling community. There will be a place for everyone to have a good time. If you come just to watch, bring your bike; you’ll want to jump on and try the hill yourself! A special welcome is extended to tandems, unicycles, clown bikes, — or whatever variation you want to come up with.

Cancellation policy: If the weather is really, really inclement, we’ll call it off. But chilly temps, a bit of rain, or a short burst of hail will not prevent the fulfillment of this annual rite. On the morning of the race, just come over and have a look; most likely it will proceed.

Registration: We start signing people up at 9:00 am, and begin racing at 10:00 am. There is a very modest entry fee ($8) entitling the participant to some food, drink, and lots of merriment. Gimme! Coffee provides support in the form a large container of fresh, hot coffee (very welcome in the chilly autumn morning). Ithaca Bakery/ Collegetown Bagels gives us a great deal on incomparable bagels and  cookies — ah! the cookies. They are, for many riders, the prize that makes it all worth while.

Pronunciation: There have always been purists and cognoscenti who enjoy hearing “Kass-kuh-DEE-yuh.” But, among native speakers of Finger Lakes English, “Kass-kuh-DILL-uh” is the popular winner. If you’re lost and asking for directions, that’s the version I’d use.

Competition: The race is run in two (or more) categories, A and B, based on riders’ own assessment of their fitness and ability. We also have enjoyed hosting a Unicycle Category with quite a turnout of contestants, as well as categories for Family Tandems, Work-Commuter Bikes, Bikes with Pink on Them, etc .  If you want to introduce a category, there will be a place for it. The Hill Climb is a double elimination/ match sprint format. Riders are assigned to pairs with a view to matching abilities. Pairs  then ride together to the bottom to start the race, sprinting toward the finish line back at the top.

The winner of each match advances to the next heat with the winner from an adjacent match. The loser of each match is paired with another loser; the winner of this match then  continues on toward the championship, the loser is finally, mercifully, out of the competition. Thus each rider has the opportunity to ride up this lovely hill at least twice, and most people many more. After the champion has been established, there is time for fun, including any grudge matches for which there are legs left and amusement races such as the classic “climbing while eating a bagel.” We may work up prizes for the A and B winners, but, in general, we lean toward moral over material rewards in this event.

The course: The Cascadilla Hill Climb course is both scenic and challenging, climbing several hundred feet in just under half a mile. The narrow city streets start out very steeply and resemble a European hill town as they twist and turn sharply alongside the gorge. (See the pictures from the archives.) Before the finish, the terrain opens up slightly and the road goes along the cemetery before easing off for about a 100 meter gradual sprint to the finish. Please remember that we are visitors in a very small neighborhood that does not fully share our abnormal obsession with bicycle racing. Let’s be courteous and considerate while riding and parking. The roads are not closed for this event, so watch out for the minimal traffic and be safe.

Location: From NY 13 in Ithaca, take Court Street (blue on the map) to the east (away from the lake and toward the hill with Cornell on it). Coming from the north or east, it will be a left turn (off the one-way road) at Fingerlakes Fabricating, shortly after the highway splits into two one-way streams. Coming on 13 from west/south, you’ll have to go through the new sprawl of “big-box” stores we have accumulated. After you pass the turn-off for NY 89 and 96 north, it will be the next right. Continue on Court St until it ends at a sharp bend at a park at the foot of a gorge. This is the cyclists’ starting point for the Hill Climb. You can take Cascadilla, the small street with two stone pillars just left of the park (red and wiggly on the map), up the hill, wind over toward the cemetery and up to Stewart Ave. That’s the finish line and the place where we assemble and register. You can also get to the registration point by going across town on Buffalo St. About half way up the steep hill, turn left on Stewart Ave. and proceed across the bridge to the finish line. For any further information contact Andrejs Ozolins at 607-592-0780 or e-mail

That’s a MapQuest map; thanks, MapQuest.


TT Results 2010 – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

July 1, 2010

Brooktondale Course

  • Paul Monkman 31:40
  • Samuel Kolins 33:55
  • Jason van Staveren 32:08
  • Mark Rishniw
  • Brian Lawney
  • Cornell Riders

June 24, 2010

Cayutaville Course

  • Andrew Melnychenko 22:36
  • Ernie Bayles 23:26
  • Jason van Staveren 24:37

June 17, 2010

Brooktondale Course

  • Mark Rishniw
  • Ernie Bayles
  • Holly Monkman 33:08

May 27, 2010

Cayutaville Course

  • Mark Shenstone: 26:50
  • Ernie Bayles…Road Bike 24:59
  • Andrew Melnychenko 22:40

Brooktondale Course

  • Mark Rishniw 33:57
  • Jason van Staveren 32:27
  • Paul Monkman 31:02

May 20, 2010

Brooktondale Course

  • Mark Rishniw 34:22
  • Samuel 34:07
  • Jason van Staveren 33:37
  • Paul Monkman 30:58
  • Cosmic 34:00

May 13, 2010

  • Andy Melnychenko:  30:04 (tt bike)
  • Peter Ozolins:  33:30 (cross bike)
  • Steve Fratini:  30:39 (fixie tt bike)
  • Cornell? rider:  32:40
  • Ernie Bayles:  31:35
  • Matt DeLisa:  35:03
  • Bob Stuart:  34:13

Brooktondale course.  Moderate wind from southeast.

May 6, 2010

Cayutaville Course

  • Mark Shenstone  27:00
  • Ethan  26:32
  • Matt DeLisa  28:45
  • Ernie Bayles  25:17
  • Jason van Staveren  26:55
  • Steve Frattini  23:28

Results 2009 – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

April 9, 2009

Here are the preliminary results. Several people had watch or cyclocomputer problems.

Before-TT data After-TT data
NAME TT time age weight height BMI pulse O2 Saturation pulse O2 saturation
Brian Lawney 30:15:00 26 148 5′ 11″ 20.6 67 97 113 99
Elie Robinson (about 30) 16 150 5′ 9″ 22.1 75 98 ? 97
Jacob Sisson 31:38:00 21 170 5′ 11″ 23.7 84 98 122 96
Robert Penney 32:08:00 21 180 6′ 1.5″ 23.4 82 99 132 96
Paul Monkman 32:13:00 41 125 6′ 0″ 17 74 98 99 97
Peter Ozolin 34:58:00
Ethan Suttner 36:09:00 19 134 5′ 8.5″ 20.1 99 99 123 99
Jason VanSeverin 37:07:00 33 200 6′ 0″ 27.1 94 97 112 91
John Dennis 40:55:00 58 158 6′ 0.7″ 21 80 98 111 96
Diarmuid Cahalane 114 97 134 92
Ben Cheetham 21 170 5′ 11″ 23.7 99 96 134 96
Johannes Hachmann 30 80kg 1.87m 22.9 99 99 118 98

Time Trial – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

There have been time trials held, with varying regularity, in Ithaca for decades. The meticulous records that were kept in the early days on paper seem to have disappeared from view; and the more recent effort to post results on the web have also petered out. So, all that’s known is that riders go out on Thursdays and hurl themselves into the Race of Truth somewhere in the vicinity of Ithaca. Some say it takes place in Wilseyville, others in Brooktondale — yet others in Cayutaville.  If you want to join one of these spontaneous events, the best advice is to join the club email list ( and ask where the current location is.

If someone turns up who knows about these things and is willing to commit that knowledge to a web page, this space is available for directions as well as results.



Swandrome 2005 – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

2005 Western New York Cyclocross Series

Sunday October 16, 2005
Swan Cycles, 226 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Freeville NY
Near Ithaca, NY about 4 miles east of Cornell University atop Mt. Pleasant (Directions)

Registration opens at 9:30 am
All races are 1 hour plus 1 lap. All categories start together

Categories: Juniors, Open, Masters. Men and Women for each category

Entry Fee: $15 Open and Masters, and 1 day licenses available for $10; Juniors: $10 all inclusive


  • USCF rules apply; held under USCF permit
  • Mountain bikes allowed with barends removed
  • Approved helmet required on all riders at all times
  • Entrants under 18 years old require parent/guardian signature
  • Everything is subject to change or modification without notice
  • Snacks and refreshments for all


  • A fast cyclocross event: a mix of fields, woods, gravel road and short run-ups with barrier dismounts throughout the course. This will be a cyclocross bike friendly course.


From the south, west, north, or northeast, follow route 13? to the intersection of 366 at TreeForms Furniture, near NYSEG (this is about 4-5 miles east of downtown Ithaca) and go west on 366 for 100m.? Turn left onto Baker Hill Rd, which goes straight up in the air…? Climb steeply for about a mile until you come to the only intersection on the road. At the stop sign turn right onto Mt. Pleasant Rd. Go exactly .7miles (west). A power line will cross the road over the end of a dirt driveway (#226).? Follow that driveway to your right and park? on the right.

From the southeast, follow route 79 into Ithaca. As you enter the city and prepare to drop down the hill, route 366 will merge from the right. Take the very sharp right turn onto 366 and follow it several miles along the edge of the Cornell campus (past the Orchards and Vet school). In the little town of Varna there is only one cross-road. It’s called Freese Rd on the left and Mt. Pleasant Rd to your right. “Autoworks” car repair is on the corner. Turn right onto Mt. Pleasant Rd and climb a little over a mile to the top. Look for the power line crossing the road and the driveway (#226) on your left. Park along the driveway.???????? Phone is (607) 277-0495

More directions and a small map are available at

For more information call Mark Shenstone 607.387.6929 or email at

Test modification