Wednesday – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Wednesday Ride

Meet at the HSBC bank in Judd Falls plaza (map) for a road ride of 20-35 miles, daylight allowing. The ride starts at 5:30 in the early and late season, at 6:00 during summer. The website (“Regular Rides” at right) will list the current time.

Each week one of the participants will volunteer ahead of time to plan a route. These rides are for those who want to work hard in a non competitive atmosphere. When and if the group splits up, the leaders will find appropriate regrouping points so that no one gets left behind. The ride has no overall leader; we have just been deciding on a route when we gather.

Women’s Velo Bella Ride

The Womens Ride meets at the HSBD bank (i.e., East Hill start) and leaves at 6:00 pm sharp. Be sure to subscribe to the FLCC email list so you’ll get any last-minute announcements and post-ride jubilation.


Tuesday – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

These “events” are not promoted by the FLCC and they are not (officially or unofficially) affiliated with any person, shop, club or other organized entity. They are effectively a spontaneous cycling event in which each rider is responsible for his/her own actions and their consequences. This is important to know since there are many possible hazards involved in participation on these rides — bike racing can be a dangerous activity. Many club members and their friends participate on Tuesday nights – they are all responsible for their actions individually.

Training rides start around early-mid April as weather allows. These rides are not races, but are spirited rides with experienced racers offering tips. For those planning to race later in the year, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about pacelines and race etiquette at a reasonable pace. It is highly recommended that new racers attend these rides before coming to the races later in the season. The start times in April range from 5:00pm – 6:00pm depending on the weather and sunlight available – so check the email lists for details. Lights and reflective gear are recommended in April as the rides may be ending near dusk.

On the first Tuesday of May, the races will begin. We meet at HSBC at East Hill Plaza (see map) and roll out at 6:00pm. Races alternate routes between hilly and flat each week. The hilly routes are around 20-22 miles long, and the flat routes consist of two separate race laps of about 10 miles each. The group will casually ride to the starting location (possibly splitting up to facilitate commuter traffic passing). Racers will self select into an “A” or “B” group depending on ability; sometimes a “C” group forms as well. There are no prizes, and nothing at stake, so safety is the primary concern.

Cyclocross Practice — When the Tuesday races end in the fall, that time period becomes cross training at Swan Cycles. Riders show up around 5 – 6pm to do multiple laps. These rides generally end in the dark, so come prepared with a set of lights if you intend to ride to them.


Monday – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The Monday night mountain bike rides continue throughout the year. They begin at 5:00 pm and leave from the Swan Cycles bike shop. Most nights they are on trails on Mt. Pleasant which are not too demanding. We choose the trails according to the ability levels of those who show up. You don’t have to be a top notch rider to have a good time. You just need some basic skills and a sense of humor.

If riding trails isn’t appropriate, other pastimes are substituted — riding roads, skiing, snow-shoeing.

Swan Cycles is located at the top of Mt Pleasant Rd. For information, call 277-0495.

Monday Family Bike Ride

Monday Rec Path Family Ride: Starting May 2nd at 4pm join Holly, Paul & Oliver for a ride on the East Hill Rec Path/Pew Trail.  Meet at the Pew Trail parking lot at the base of Snyder Hill Rd. (near the intersection with Pine Tree).  We’ll ride the trail along Honness to the East Hill Rec Path out to Game Farm Rd. and back.  For those willing to tackle the hill, we can ride up the Pew Trail to the playground at the far end of the trail and back.  We could even tackle the hill of the Eastern Heights neighborhood up to Sky Vue and back to the Pew Trail.  At the parking lot before the ride begins, we’ll take a little time for a few games such as a Snail Race, Bean Bag Toss, Precision Stopping & Cone Course.
Parent/guardian & helmets are required for all kids.  This route has street crossings and a short distance of on-street riding on Maple Rd.  Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child crosses safely and rides to the right.

Sunday Rides – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The FLCC Sunday ride is one of the club’s primary weekly events. While these rides are open to anyone, it tends to attract experienced riders. If you are newer to cycling, the Thursday rides on the West Hill or the Saturday club rides may be a better alternative. Expressing interest in the ride by emailing the club list may bring out others of varying ability as well, and if there is a larger crowd, the ride may split into self-selected groups based on expected pace.  These are almost always “leaderless” rides and we encourage individuals who are planning to participate on a given Sunday ride to use the club’s listserv to make their intentions known to other club members prior to the ride.

We meet at 10:00 am in the early part of the season. As the weather warms, we generally meet at 9:00 at East Hill Plaza, though there are several exceptions to the start time and place, so be sure to check the online calendar to find the specific ride. The calendar will always link to a map or cue sheet that describes the route, gives the distances, etc.

If you aren’t familiar with the area where the route will take you, please be sure to carry a copy of the cue sheet and/or a map as well as the usual touring necessities — pump, patch kit, plenty of water, and a helmet. The rides generally stop every 30 or so miles to refuel and let everyone catch up, but coming prepared for more is always a safe plan.

The schedule of rides for the season is posted early in the year on the FLCC ride calendar. (Almost) all of the rides now have maps and cue-sheets posted on the Web. If you would like to have a map/cue-sheet for the ride, please print them out and bring them along. Few, if any, rides will have direction arrows painted on the pavement.

The overall seasonal plan is that rides start out short in the spring to warm up, and work up as a sort of training regime to the climax of the longer routes around the Finger Lakes — rides around Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. Throughout the season, though, we try to keep shorter alternatives to the lengthening rides, so if you don’t want to get into the long-distance game, you don’t have to. On the other hand, many rides start outside of Ithaca, and a small group of riders is likely to start in Ithaca no matter where the ride officially starts, making for some routes to extend beyond 150 miles (around Keuka, or up to Lake Ontario, for examples).

For information about any of the rides, directions, or other questions, email Bill Shang,


Saturday Road Rides – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Saturday rides, which begin in early May, are intended to be “no drop” rides for bicyclists who want to ride at an easier pace (see speed classification) or who may not be familiar with group bicycle club rides.  All are welcomed, but non-members are asked to join the FLCC after attending two rides (Memberships).

Saturday rides will have a club member leader who will volunteer his or her services at the beginning of each ride.  Information about the ride can be found in the FLCC Saturday ride calendar.  However,  all rides created by FLCC can be found here: finger-lakes-cycling-club-routes

Rides will follow as best as possible the following classifications:

Speed Classification:

C:   13-16 mph steady pace.
D:   10-13 mph pace, stops at key points to wait for riders.
E:   under 10 mph relaxed pace, frequent stops to wait for everyone.

Terrain Classification:

1.   multiple long and/or steep climbs.
2.   multiple and/or large hills.
3.   rolling with some hills.
4.   generally flat or rolling.

D/4/30 means a 30 mile ride at 10-13 mph over flat terrain.

RIDER INFORMATION (updated May 2016)

  • Riders must have: a helmet, a bicycle pump, a spare inner tube, tire irons, energy bars or similar food and at least one water bottle.
  • Rider’s bicycle must be in good condition and a rear bike light is recommended.
  • Having a cell phone is recommended.
  • All riders should watch for stragglers and wait for them at turns on the route and at the top of long climbs.
  • Riders are responsible for bringing their own cue sheets or having the route downloaded on their Garmin (or equivalent) or cell phone.  The Saturday Rides FLCC calendar will have a link to the Ride with GPS route for the upcoming Saturday.



Regular Events – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

All the rides sponsored by the FLCC, along with other cycling events likely to be of interest to FLCC members, are posted on the club’s website. It should be the first place to look for a ride. Regular rides are listed with their current specifics; the unique rides like the Sunday rides and touring group events are on the club calendar and shown on the home page as “Coming Up.” And, if you know of a ride that others should know about, get it listed (contact the webmaster, Below are the standing rides that go on each cycling season. Current information will be posted on the website and last minute changes are announced on the club’s email list.

Sunday The FLCC Sunday ride — one of the club’s primary weekly events. We meet at 10:00 am in the early and late part of the season, 9:00 am during the height of summer. The meeting point varies week to week; see the specific date’s ride in the calendar. Rides are announced on any club page under the “Sundays” calendar listing as they draw near.  This is almost always a “leaderless” ride and we encourage individuals who are planning to participate on a given Sunday ride to use the listserv to make their intentions known to other club members prior to the ride.
Monday Mountain bike rides from Swan Cycles, 5:00 pm, year-round. If bikes can’t be used, participants turn to snow shoes, skis, or anything else at hand.
Tuesday The Tuesday ride — not a club-sponsored event. For racers and other strong riders, beginning in April as a ride; in May, it turns to pretty serious racing. Meet at 6:00 PM at the HSBC Bank on East Hill.
Cyclocross training at Swan Cycles — these sessions take place during the part of the year when the training races (above) aren’t going on.
Wednesday The Wednesday ride — the club’s ride for riders who want to work hard in a noncompetitive environment. Meet at 5:30 or 6:00 at the HSBC bank on East Hill (see “Regular Rides” at right for current info).
Women’s Velo Bella road rides take place at 6:00 pm sharp at EHP. Don’t miss out on an evening of fun with the girls riding into the sunset. We arrive back before dark .
Thursday The Thursday ride — for riders who want or need a slower group to ride with. Meet 5:30 or 6:00 pm (see “Regular Rides” at right for current info) at the West Hill start (Cayuga Professional Center Medical/Dental Plaza parking lot on NY96 north) just past the entrance to the hospital (1301 Trumansburg Rd).
Time Trials — Thursday is time trial day in Ithaca. Festivities start at 6:00 pm, beginning in May, at various sites around Ithaca; join the email list to learn where each week’s contest takes place.
The Nite Club at Connecticut Hill — start at 5:30 pm. These rides start in the fall and continue on skis when that becomes necessary. We meet at the corner of Ridge Rd. and Ct. Hill Rd. at 5:30 PM. Lights are optional for the first few rides of the season, but become essential after that. Come on out and join the fun! Directions: Take RT 79 west 10 miles from Ithaca. Turn L on Black Oaks Rd. heading 4 or 5 miles south to Ct Hill. The road bends Rt and comes to Tee. Turn L and go 3/4 mile down hill. Ridge Rd is on right.
Friday Sadly, nobody goes cycling on Fridays
Saturday Saturday Road Rides — These are group rides with a friendly “no-drop” policy, a leader, and a pre-planned itinerary, almost always with a food/rest stop near the middle. See “Saturdays” calendar listing on the right side of any club page.

Ride Calendars – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

These are Google calendars, so you can add individual events or an entire calendar to your own Google calendar if you like. If you use a different calendar application, you can subscribe to a calendar so that new events show up automatically. See instructions at the bottom of the page.

Instructions for Calendar Subscription

Use the URLs and instructions below to configure your Google calendar or other calendar application to subscribe or sync to an FLCC calendar and receive automatic updates.

Google Calendar

To import an FLCC calendar into your personal Google calendar:

  1. Click the arrow to the right of “Other Calendars” at the bottom of your Google calendar page
  2. Select “Add by URL”
  3. Copy and paste the iCal URl above into the URL field of the dialog box
  4. Click “Add Calendar”

Apple Calendar (iCal)

  1. Copy the iCal URL above for the calendar you wish to subscribe to
  2. Open Calendar
  3. Go to Calendar menu -> Subscribe
  4. Paste the URL you copied, click OK
  5. Change any details you like, click OK
  6. Done

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

You can sync Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 with Google calendars using Google Apps Sync. See Google’s download and installation instructions.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Windows)

You can also subscribe to a Google calendar from within Outlook 2010 (Windows):

  1. Click the Home tab on the ribbon
  2. Under Manage Calendars, click on Open Calendar > From Internet
  3. Copy the iCal URL above into the New Internet Calendar field
  4. Click OK
  5. A new dialog opens to ask if you want to add this internet calendar to Microsoft Outlook and subscribe to updates
  6. Click on the Advanced buttons for configuration options
  7. Then click Yes to finalize the subscription

Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Mac)

No direct subscription is available in Outlook 2011 (Mac). Use the Google Apps Sync described above.


Website – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This website is an informal way the club tries to communicate among members and to the outside world. Because it’s a volunteer project, it often is out of date or otherwise lacking in polish. We hope that we are providing some information of value and not leading you astray too often. Please call any obvious errors to our attention.

This latest iteration of the website is based on WordPress, a software package designed for blogging. The practical consequence is that anyone who has the login information can go to the site and add or edit pages. The hope is that we will finally be able to recruit people to maintain the various sections of the site.

If you’d like to contribute to the web chores, please contact the Webmaster.


Some old photos – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This gallery has some pix accumulated since the origins of our web existence. Not much has been contributed to it lately, since people are used to many other ways of sharing pictures very easily through mechanisms like Picassa or Facebook. We’ll hang on these old shots so we can take a little dive into nostalgia on occasion.


Contact – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

We live in a real treasure of cycling opportunities here in the Finger Lakes, and we’re always eager to help others learn about the region and find their way to our favorite cycling routes. Whatever questions you may have — about roads, routes, rides, or anything else — don’t hesitate to contact us. You can expect a reply the same day.

General Information —
Touring information —

The FLCC is a relatively small club with few formalities. Any of the club officers will be glad to answer questions you might want to ask about their particular bailiwick.