Best Road Bikes Review

We don’t always need power-assisted bikes. For instance to stroll around town during weekends, cycle to work or exercise, you only require the best road bikes. Such a bike ought to be light, sturdy, have reliable brakes and offer smooth shifting of gears. Unfortunately, not all bikes rise to such expectation. That’s why we present you the top road bikes that can go through cross terrains without failure. Read through our top four reputable models. These are bikes that are not only smooth and efficient, but they also give you the chance to make a statement at your whenever you pass by the crowd.

Best Road Bikes Review

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

This road bike is ideal for road cycling, commuting or fitness training. Considering its shallow handlebar drop it makes all riding position comfortable. Using the laser measurement Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike ensures that every part provides the perfect fit. Moreover, the bike uses pure Shimano bike parts all through.

Its frame boasts the SLA 6061 durable aluminum material. When combined with the stainless steel fork, you get the lightweight but strong bike. As the racing bike, it employs the 25mm wide, 700c road bike tires. When you match it with the Tommaso TC20 rims, and Shimano Claris crank set and cassette, it becomes one of the best road bikes under entry-level drive train.

Although it features the 24 speeds design, shifting from one gear to the next is smooth and easier using the Shimano Claris shifters and derailleur. But even while cruising at a higher speed, its rim-brake calipers are quick and reliable, thus offers reliable braking power.

The whole design of the Tommaso bike gives it an attractive look. For example, all its cables have been neatly rooted under the bar. Such a design also enhances comfort. It gives room for no hanging cables to entangle your feet while cycling or mounting off from the bike.


  • The lightweight of 23.8 lbs
  • Good and reliable braking power using the rim braking system
  • Doesn’t mix parts or components from different brands; thus providing the perfect fit
  • Feels comfortable in all riding styles
  • Looks very appealing


  • Saddle is small and needs enlargement and more cushioning

RALEIGH Bikes RXM Cyclocross Bike

Regardless of your height the Raleigh bikes RXM guarantees you comfort in the high-level cyclocross riding and racing. That is because they are designed in different sizing with the perfect fit in every part. The RALEIGH Bikes RXM Cyclocross Bike employs the double-wall rim in conjunction with the classy cambium brooks saddle. So it’s the road bike that is both elegant and durable to withstand the long-distance riding.

This bicycle has unique features that make it stands out among the best road bikes. It is equipped with the Shimano 105 shifters and a cool 22 gears speed group to choose from. As a result, you can climb and navigate different topographies with less hassle. To provide a good grip of the ground even at high speed, the RALEIGH Bike uses the 700x33c tires.

Supporting the wheel is the full carbon fork together with the 15mm through-axle. Although lightweight, the carbon fork but mimics the strength of the steel material. When racing, at times you may need to come to a sudden stop, for example, an unforeseen obstacle comes your way. During such time the dual actuated mechanical disc brakes of the RALEIGH Bike gives you the great stopping power.


  • Has the reflective rims that enhance your visibility under dim light
  • Employs the double rim walls
  • Equipped with plenty of gears to tackle every king of terrain
  • Has a rack to hold light loads
  • Provides good grip owing to the black cotton bar tape
  • Fitted with the shining beacon of light for good night illumination
  • Has the attractive design that makes a statement at the race


  • It isn’t fully assembled

SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Bike

One of the outstanding road bikes that look promising due to its adaptable features is the SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Bike. Its key parts like the frame, seat post, wheelset, fork, and handlebar have been crafted from carbon metal. That contributes significantly to its 17.2lbsweight.

From the 22-speed group set, this bike will allow you to cycle at very high speed. With all the parts aerodynamically contoured to beat the wind, it’s truly a racing bike. To factor in for your safety and emergency stop, the bike is equipped with the v braking system.

As you cycle along different terrains, the design of the bike makes up for easy starting, smooth rides and simple shifting of gears. That is due to the easy to reach shifting lever, front and rear derailleur. Furthermore, even the cables feature internal routing for clean airflow and neat appearance.

To suit different topographies this SAVADECK Phantom road bike uses the Michelin Pro 700 x 25c sport tires. These tires are not only hard-wearing but have low rolling resistance. On the other hand, the sport tires are matched with 800K 50mm carbon-bearing wheelset.


  • Needs very little assembly
  • Doesn’t require any tuning
  • Hand-built bikes
  • Comes with free peals
  • Sturdy and hard-wearing tires


  • Unshielded rear v-brake

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Commuting to work or regular cycling exercises requires the lightweight sturdy bike. On the other hand the novice cyclist, just entering into the sport requires simple to use a bike. That’s where the Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike comes in. Its frame boasts the double-butted aluminum which has lightweight but reliable strength.

From its 21 speed drivetrain, you should handle any topography with ease. Together with the Shimano derailleur and A050 thumb shifter, shifting from one gear to the next when topography dictates should be easier. That enables you to arrive at your workplace with less train on your muscles.

To support the smooth roll on the ground this Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike rides on the wide 700c x 25c tires. The double-walled machined wheelset together with the easy to release skewers provides great support. And any time you need to stop the alloy caliper brakes comes to your aid.


Has a lightweight

  • Double-butted frame
  • Free pedals
  • Easy to reach thumb shifters
  • Sturdy double-walled wheelset
  • Comes directly from the factory


  • Requires some light tuning and assembly


Do you wish to arrive at your workplace in style? Then the above are the best road bikes to consider. Their light but sturdy frames equip you to ride, exercise and go on your errands with unparalleled ease. If you need superior speed group set then the Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike has it. Otherwise, read on the reviews above and find for yourself the bike that fits your need.


Best Electric Bikes Review

We can’t do without traveling. For example, commuting to your place of work or shopping errands are unavoidable. Whether you live in a hilly or plain terrain traveling doesn’t have to produce heavy sweating on you. That’s why you need the help of the best electric bikes. With power assistance, you won’t feel any strain while pedaling. We don’t want you to invest your hard-earned cash in a visually appealing but fragile bike. That’s why we bring you top electric bikes, tried and tested by professionals. You won’t regret sticking to the end of this review.

Best Electric Bikes Review

Addmotor Motan Folding Adult Electric Bikes

The Addmotor Motan foldable electric bike is ideal for persons between heights of 5’2″ to 6’2 feet. It, therefore, suits adults both men and women. Using the robust 500 watts rear hub brushless motor, the bike promises longer life. Also, it possesses the ability to propel you at a higher speed of 23MPH. But even at that high speed its 20 inch FAT tires provides a good grip of the ground and thus guaranteeing your stability.

With level one assistance the motorbike’s 48V/10.4AH lithium battery can cover 40 to 55 miles distance from a single charge. The exact distance depends on the landscape that you will be covering. To get a full charge, you only need 3 to 4 hours depending on the battery level.

Considering the water-resistive connectors, front and rare mudguard features this electric bike suits beach rides. That is because; it will keep snow, mud, and water from splashing on your clothes. With the brightly lit LCD screen, you can tell your distance coverage and speed at any given moment.

Are you worried about your smart device going off while riding? Simply plug it to the USB charging port. To suit different topographies, this bike features ½ a twist throttle variable speed control combined with the 7 speeds Pro freewheel.


  • Carries heavy loads of 300lbs
  • Uses 3 mm thick tube wall
  • Has the rust-resistant chain to suit outdoor weather
  • The longer battery life of 800 charge cycles
  • Padded and adjustable saddle for less strain and extra comfort
  • Foldable handlebar and frame for enhanced portability


  • It’s heavy, weighs 62lbs

Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike

If you find it difficult to mount and dismount most bikes then consider the Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike. With its step-through frame, you won’t have to worry about getting on or off. Furthermore, it provides you with 4 levels of pedal assistance for a maximum speed of 20mph. This bike will happily navigate different topographies with the help of the 9-speed gears.

When completely discharged, its battery requires only 3 hours of charging to attain full charge. From the single charge, it will power you to cover 80 miles; though that depends on the topography you will be covering. But even at a high speed, the battery won’t drop down since it easily slides in its lockable slot on the frame.

This bike has a 500W rear hub motor coupled to an internal rider sensor. Thus, it provides you with optimum rider experience. When you wish to come to a quick stop, its Tektro hydraulic brakes come to your rescue. From its 2.5 inches wide display, you can read about battery status, speed, and even the throttle assistance.

When you need to connect your Smartphone, the wireless Bluetooth connection comes to your aid. That makes it easy to locate state and provincial speed laws when necessary. It has the continental tires that measure 26” x 2.2” plus the low Centre of gravity construction. Thus among the best electric bikes, it features one of the most stable bikes.


  • Increased visibility; reflective sidewalls and bright rear LED lights
  • Sturdy molded aluminum frame
  • Good grip handlebar that also minimizes fatigue
  • It has the power cut off switch for enhanced safety
  • Long-life battery 48v, 555 whr
  • Adjustable seat height from 34 to 41inches
  • Sold in an array of colors
  • Built-in the USB charging port


  • Costly

TopMate ES30 Electric Scooter Mini Foldable Tricycle

Cycling to work without power assistance can be exhausting. But with TopMate ES30 Electric Scooter Mini Foldable Tricycle, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s one of the best electric bikes for those who need mobility assistance. Its frame features the light but firm aluminum aviation alloy. Thus it can support up to a weight of 120kg; that makes it suitable for even the plus size persons. The aluminum alloy also gives it the corrosion-resistant ability.

This tricycle uses the powerful 18650 lithium-ion battery. When discharged plug it for about 3 to 4 hours in the socket. From that single charging, it will power your bike over a distance of 35km.From the handlebar mounted display you can read the battery power level and the cycling speed. Moreover, the battery promises the longer lifespan of 7 years.

While riding it provides you with three gears speeds to select; 6, 12 0r 20km/h. Consequently, you can vary the speed as the topography requires and also navigate corners at low safe speeds. In case you live up the stirs, the bike is only 13.6kg heavy thus easy to carry singlehandedly upstairs.


  • Foldable, lightweight and thus portable
  • Its quality paint that doesn’t fade easily gives it an attractive outlook
  • Large and 1.57 thick cushion thus making it comfortable
  • Comes almost fully assembled
  • Has the long handlebar that offs a good grip
  • Has the shock absorber thus cushions against bumps


  • Can not navigate corners at high speed beyond 6km/h

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Ebike

The SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Ebike have the rare features and thus outstand among others. It has the adjustable seat and handlebar hence suitable for both teens and adults. So despite your stature, it guarantees you the comfortable ride during the morning errands. You don’t have to strain to reach the handlebar.

As the hybrid bike, you won’t have to put more effort as this Swagcycle uses the 250W rear hub motor to boost your ride. And from just a single charge it propels you over 15.5 miles. Meaning won’t have to arrive at your workplace drenched in sweat. By using the Auto-guard technology it guarantees you the quick stop during emergencies

Since it is made from the aluminum, it boasts the lightweight of 37lbs. But although light, it happily carries the heavy load of 264lbs. During storage, it folds three times thus taking up small storage space.


  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Lightweight of 37lbs thus easy to carry up the stairs
  • Fits both adults and teens
  • Simple to maintain owing to the removable power lines
  • Heavy load-bearing capacity; 264lbs


  • Requires longer charging time about 5 hours when completely discharged


The above models reflect some of the best electric bikes to count on. Morning errands or daily commuting to work has never been much easier as when you incorporate these bikes. If you need speed, high load capacity, and high capacity battery then Addmotor Motan Folding Adult Electric Bikes suits you. Otherwise for the lightweight bike that you can easily carry TopMate ES30 Electric Scooter Mini Foldable Tricycle takes the crown. Regardless of your taste, you are bound to get it from the above list. You need one of these electric bikes to climb uphill effortlessly.


Best Balance Bikes for Kids and Toddlers Review

Are you thinking of introducing your child to bikes? Then do it the easy way, first, let the child learn to balance with the help of these best balance bikes. Even those who have special physical challenges can benefit from these bicycles. Talk of the adjustable seats, low center of gravity, lightweight and reliable brakes- these balance bicycles have them all. So here is the collection of bikes that your child will find hard to put down;

Best Balance Bikes

Strider – Youth 16 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

For the slightly older kid who wishes to learn how to ride bikes, the Strider – Youth 16 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike provides the way. With an adjustable seat from 20.5 to 26.5 inches, this balance bike suits a wider age group from 6 to 10 years. Best still adjusting the handlebar or seat doesn’t require any tool- it’s seamless.

Even though it has the lightweight body that weighs 17.7 lbs only, it can support heavyweight of up to 187lbs. Due to its lightweight, kids of age bracket 6 to 10 years can stride and glide easily without feeling the strain in their muscles. And even when the child comes across unforeseen obstacle her safety is still assured. This bike uses the front and rear v-shaped brakes for greater stopping power.

Using the cross terrain tires that provide good grip on almost all grounds, this strider provides a comfortable ride to your child. Even though this bike has footrests, it’s removable. Thus to help your child master balancing on the strider the footrests are can be removed. Since its bar supports the 3-degree sweep it gives an easy time to the young mind when navigating corners.


  • Simple to adjust saddle using the quick release bar
  • Easy to climb on and off
  • Easily adapts to kids of different heights and age
  • Provides the comfortable ride through the padded saddle
  • Removable footrest


  • Not suitable for younger kids

Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike

The Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike not only boasts the charming blue color but suits different ages from 5 to 10 years. That is because its saddle and handlebar can be adjusted to suit kids of different heights. That ensures that the comfort of your child on the bike is assured. And when there is need to stop suddenly, the handbrakes are within reach.

To reduce the strain pushing the bike, this 16-inch glide bike is made of steel alloy. As a result, it weighs only 11 pounds but sturdy enough to withstand a child’s weight. That means even the accidental falls during practice won’t damage the bike. When the child gets tired of holding out the foot, he gets relief by stepping on the foot peg. Otherwise, to better help in balancing, you can simply remove the foot peg.

Its pair of 16-inch Composite Mag wheels lifts the child to sufficient height above the ground. Furthermore, the wheels are air inflated and suitable for different terrains. You won’t have to look for a place to lean your bike since it has the sturdy kickstand.


  • The bikes are available in5 different attractive colors to the young mind
  • The saddle and handlebar is adjustable to suit kids of different ages
  • Its foot peg is removable
  • Insulation on the handlebar provides a good grip
  • It’s simple to put together


  • Misleading assembly instruction, although it is fairly easy to assemble

Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids

If you are thinking of helping your child to balance on a bike and have fun too, then you need best balance bikes. For a toddler, the design of this Banana Bike LT provides an easy time. Owing to its banana shape, the bike has the low center of gravity. Furthermore, the shape also gives kids an easy time to mount or dismount the bike.

With the total weight of 6.4lbs, even a 2-year-old child won’t have a hard time pushing the bike. To qualify as the balance bike for a wide age group, it features the adjustable seat. Even though the minimum seat height is 12.2 inches, it can adjust way up to 15.7 inches. Thus it’s the bike that your child won’t easily outgrow.

Considering the padded seat and the wide cushioned bar ends for a safe grip, the whole design offers the comfortable ride to a child. Adjusting the seat height is simple through the use of the quick-release seat clamp. Unlike the regular bikes that get a puncture, this Banana Bike LT is puncture-proof. Its puncture-proof EVA wheels, therefore, exempt you from the demanding puncture repair.


  • Boasts ultra lightweight of 6.4lbs
  • Tires have enhanced traction ability and puncture-proof too
  • Simple to assemble
  • The frame features the powder coating thus providing longevity
  • Available in three striking colors
  • No need for inflating the tire


  • Has no brakes

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

What could be more suitable for a toddler than an easy to mount, lightweight, and sturdy balance bike? That’s exactly what you get from the best balance bikes like KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike. Besides they are designed in a variety of colors to choose. With the entire bike weighing just 8lbs, it’s light indeed. Yet despite the lightness, it supports up to a maximum weight of 60lbs. That should support most kids up to the age of 5.

Its step-in frame design makes for easy mounting and dismounting on the bike. Once on the bike, the padded saddle provides comfortable support. Furthermore with the foot resting on the footrest comfort is even enhanced. Besides, the footrest is positioned to mimic the real pedal position. As a result, it helps the child to finds its center of gravity hence achieving balancing quickly enough.

To help support kids of different heights, the saddle and seat heights can be adjustable to a child’s comfort level. Without the need for any tool, you can adjust its seat height from 13.5 to 16.5 inches. On the other hand, the handlebar is also adjustable from 19 to 20.5 inches.


  • Soft and comfortable saddle
  • Convenient step-in frame
  • Handlebar features soft and good grip material
  • Real headset with ball bearings and thus supports smooth steering
  • Maintenance free tires; needs no inflation and puncture-proof too
  • Requires minimal assembly and tools provided


  • Insufficient grip on slippery ground


It isn’t easy for a kid to learn how to juggle between steering, pedaling and balancing at the same time. You need to take the young mind step by step. First, get the toddler to learn about balancing and steering with the aid of the best balance bikes. While doing so, make sure you buy for the child a bike that corresponds to his/her age and height. The bikes reviewed above targets different ages. For instance, the Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids suits a 2-year-old or more. After mastering how to balance you can introduce him to the hybrid bikes. Once the child has learned how to balance and steer, pedaling will be just be walk over.