Women’s Wednesday Night Rides – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This is a collection of maps and routes used by the Women’s Wednesday Night Road Rides. Routes are rated A, B, and C according to speed, distance, and difficulty (climbing). Routes are also labelled with a digit 1-4 for ease of reference, as the group cycles through the rides during the season. A plus sign (+) in the name indicates an extended version of another ride.

  • Group A: Fast speed >15 mph, approximately 28+ miles
  • Group B: Moderate speed 12-15 mph, approximately 20-27 miles
  • Group C:

All the Women’s rides have been moved (May 2016) to the new FLCC Ride with GPS website.  The link to them is: finger-lakes-cycling-club-routes.  After clinking on the link, click “filter,”  then filter by tags such as “Women’s A”. These rides can be sorted further by clicking the heading categories at the top of each column.
See full details on Women’s Road Rides.