Mountain Biking – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The Co-Vice Presidents for Mountain Biking are:

Donal Fitterer
111 Burleigh Dr.
Ithaca, NY 14850
H:(607)266-8438  W:(607)273-8351  C:(607)227-0761

Brenda Smith H: 607) 539-7196  C: (607)220-4770

Mountain biking has never been as organized a part of FLCC activities as road riding. However, it is a very active and important part of cycling in our area. We are pleased to announce to that our local mountain bike club, Cycle-CNY, has worked very hard to become an IMBA chapter effective March 16, 2012.  They will offer a large variety of mountain biking activities, including events, weekly rides, and hopefully a skills clinic or two.  Don and I are both highly involved in Cycle-CNY and we encourage you to be, too!  The FLCC will still offer the Monday Night Rides and the Fall Night Club rides.

Monday Night Rides  Once the trails dry out in the spring, there is mountain biking at Swan Cycles on Mondays at 5:00 pm.  It is always best to check to make sure the event is happening when the weather is iffy or the season is getting underway.  The best way to reach Glenn is via email during the day at Swan Cycles opens at 6:30pm so the rides start very close to 5pm and end around 6:15pm.  The routes are challenging and hilly.  Call the shop for details at 607-277-0495.

The Night Club mountain bike rides start in September and meet on Thursday nights at Connecticut Hill at 6pm.  These are very challenging rides and good lights are highly recommended. The rides usually last 2 hours and keep you warm at the end by climbing back to the parking area. Contact Mark Shenstone for more information at

The club mailing list is a good way to learn about off-road plans or invite others to join in your plans.

Please check out our fact sheet:  Mountain Biking 101, the skills and tips covered at our mountain biking clinic held Sept. 20th, 2009.

Mike Ludgate leads several rides a week at Hammond Hill and has his own website:

Trail Maps:

There are four areas famous for mountain biking in our area: Shindagin State Forest, Hammond Hill State Forest, Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area**, and Jenksville.  By far, Shindagin is the mountain bike area of choice for most riders in our area.

**a note about Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area trails–these trails are not marked in the forest and unless you’re really good at picking up trails in the woods, and/or good with direction, it is very easy to get lost out there.  It’s a good idea to go with someone who already knows these trails for this reason.  The trails that are marked with paint blazes are part of the FLT and are NOT open to mountain biking.  Please avoid these trails.

Donal and Brenda