Cycle-CNY Mountain Bike Club – Finger Lakes Cycling Club has been an information hub for mountain bikers in the Southern Tier of NY since 2005.  Its existence has led to many friendships, many rides, and many trails.  It has forged partnerships with NYS land managers and with the largest mountain bike advocacy group in the world, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

Mountain bike riders are a diverse bunch, crossing all social, ethnic, and generational gaps.  Brenda Smith, Steve Gelb, and I believe the time is ripe to introduce our community to mountain biking as a viable activity for sheer enjoyment, as a vehicle to long-term health, and as a conduit to better understand the fragile environment we cohabitate with other living things.

In mid-March 2012 Cycle-CNY will officially become the first IMBA Chapter in New York.  If you haven’t read the forum chatter go here for that discussion, or go to for more information on their Chapter program.  With our new IMBA partnership Cycle-CNY will become a non-profit incorporation, establish a revenue stream and have club insurance, positioning us to grow our impact on mountain biking in the Southern Tier of NY.

Communities that embrace the many virtues of mountain biking invariably benefit from that sponsorship.  Brenda, Steve, and I reach out to you today in our initial attempt to recruit Cycle-CNY leaders.  Cycle-CNY will be governed by a board-of-directors and have four elected officer roles.  There are many more roles to fill and events to plan.  There will be much hard work but also much fun in the journey.

Each person has to have a passion in life that transcends their everyday concerns.  Few endeavors are of greater interest to Brenda, Steve, and I than the maintenance and expansion of mountain biking trails and activities in the Southern Tier.  We are very enthusiastic at the prospect of closely working with others that share this passion.

Transforming positive emotions into concrete accomplishments is always the challenge.  Few things are as gratifying as seeing a good idea come to fruition.  When it is an idea shared by people you like and respect, a positive outcome is even more rewarding.  We look forward to exchanging ideas with you and the other leaders recruited in this endeavor.

If you’re interested in serving Cycle-CNY in any capacity we’ll add you to our club leadership e-mail list. Please simply show your support by  e-mailing Nate Hunter at  We’re interested in knowing what role you’d like to take and what activities you would specifically like to be involved with.  Many thanks for your time and support!

Happy holidays!

Nathan Hunter

Brenda Smith

Steve Gelb