Saturday Road Rides – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Saturday rides, which begin in early May, are intended to be “no drop” rides for bicyclists who want to ride at an easier pace (see speed classification) or who may not be familiar with group bicycle club rides.  All are welcomed, but non-members are asked to join the FLCC after attending two rides (Memberships).

Saturday rides will have a club member leader who will volunteer his or her services at the beginning of each ride.  Information about the ride can be found in the FLCC Saturday ride calendar.  However,  all rides created by FLCC can be found here: finger-lakes-cycling-club-routes

Rides will follow as best as possible the following classifications:

Speed Classification:

C:   13-16 mph steady pace.
D:   10-13 mph pace, stops at key points to wait for riders.
E:   under 10 mph relaxed pace, frequent stops to wait for everyone.

Terrain Classification:

1.   multiple long and/or steep climbs.
2.   multiple and/or large hills.
3.   rolling with some hills.
4.   generally flat or rolling.

D/4/30 means a 30 mile ride at 10-13 mph over flat terrain.

RIDER INFORMATION (updated May 2016)

  • Riders must have: a helmet, a bicycle pump, a spare inner tube, tire irons, energy bars or similar food and at least one water bottle.
  • Rider’s bicycle must be in good condition and a rear bike light is recommended.
  • Having a cell phone is recommended.
  • All riders should watch for stragglers and wait for them at turns on the route and at the top of long climbs.
  • Riders are responsible for bringing their own cue sheets or having the route downloaded on their Garmin (or equivalent) or cell phone.  The Saturday Rides FLCC calendar will have a link to the Ride with GPS route for the upcoming Saturday.