Cape Vincent Rides – Finger Lakes Cycling Club


We’re assuming that nobody on this trip will be bent on maximizing their milage — the point of the event is to get away from the routines of winter and stretch the cycling legs in some not-too-strenuous rides. So, we haven’t concentrated on providing long rides. Rather, the loops are short excursions that can be lingered over with friends.

Being based at the hostel at Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, any ride involves the two miles to Cape Vincent. Rides from Kingston also included the seven miles each way across Wolfe Island, as we had to get from one ferry to the other.

  • Wolfe Island Rides — the Wolfe Island website has a map showing three routes around the island, ranging from 18 to 58 km. Those who took these loops found them very pleasant — and entirely free of hills. Map — Cue sheet
  • Kingston Mills — this is a ride of the Kingston bike club that they suggested for us. It leaves the ferry terminal on some heavily trafficed roads, but soon takes us to quiet roads north of Kingston. An early highlight was the locks in the canal at Kingston Mills. 42 miles plus getting to Kingston.
  • Loyalist Parkway — this is a ride west out of Kingston that shows off a bit of the elegant old homes in the city as well as the beautiful shore of the lake. 36 miles, plus getting to Kingston
  • Howe Island — it takes some riding to get to it, but this is another quiet island route with very lovely views of farms and the St. Lawrence. The island is accessible only via the two ferries. About 32 miles plus getting to Kingston
  • Long Point State Park — this is an excursion to the nearly-island south of Cape Vincent. The state park (with the same name as one near us) provides a beautiful place for a lunch stop and the rest of the peninsula is a gorgeous tour of this inland seaside. About 40 miles roundtrip from Tibbetts Point
  • LONG: Loop through Canada to bridge and back — about 75 miles. This is for those who want to put in miles, not necessarily the prettiest or most interesting touring.
  • LONG: Sackets Harbor –This is a fairly long ride but Sackets Harbor is a great place to rest, enjoy some of the historical sights, and have some lunch or refreshments.The ride follows quiet roads for the first miles out of Tibbetts Point and the last few miles into Sackets. In between, though, it follows the main highways. The villages of Chaumont and Dexter are very pleasant, however. 60 or 75 miles.