Howe Island – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Howe Island is connected to the mainland only by two ferries, one at each end. The western ferry is a fairly large one, operated by the same agency that operates the Wolfe Island to Kingston ferry. The ferry on the eastern end, though, is operated by the island’s township and is a very small cable ferry that can be summoned at any time during the day except lunchtime. You have to pay to get onto the island; the return-to-mainland ride is free (keep your ticket to show you paid).

Start from the Kingston ferry terminal and turn right on Hwy 2, heading east. The first part of this route is very busy, crossing the causeway and climbing a bit of hill away from town.


  • Follow Hwy 2 for 8.7 miles — then right on Howe Island Ferry Rd to the ferry.
  • On the island, go 1.9 miles straight across (south) on Howe Island Drive.
  • Bear left as it becomes South Shore Rd. Following this road about 7.4 miles along the shore will take you to the smaller ferry.
  • You might want to backtrack from here — crossing to the mainland means you have to return via more of Hwy 2.
  • If you cross, go straight out Howe Island Ferry Rd (yes, the same name as the road on the other end) to Hwy 2 and return to Kingston


This ride is a hair over 16 miles from the Kingston ferry terminal. For riders coming from Cape Vincent, you’d have to add another 20 miles to the round trip.