Kingston Mills Loop – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This is a ride suggested by the Kingston cycling club. The ride away from the ferry is on major roads with fairly heavy traffic. You will need to remember that in Ontario bicycles ride in such conditions and think nothing of it; traffic is accepting and will cooperate if you ride predictably. The first point of interest is Kingston Mills, where there are several picturesque locks in the canal. Following that historical stop, the route cuts across the countryside north of the city and returns to the lake for a return right along the shore.

0 R At the ferry terminal, head east on Hwy 2, cross causeway and climb the hill. 1.2
1.2 L Hwy 15. This is a major intersection. 4.9
6.0 L Kingston Mills Rd, CR 21 2.6
8.6 R Battersea Rd, CR 11 2.4
11.0 L Unity Rd, CR 19, Mud Lake Rd 10.1
21.1 BL Curves left, becomes Mud Lake Rd 3.4
24.5 R At 401 ramps, Right to find CR 6 0.1
24.6 L Wilton Rd, CR 6 5.7
30.2 L Bath Rd 4.9
35.1 R Follow ramps to get on Bayridge, south 1.6
36.7 L Front Rd, CR 1 5.5
42.2 Arrive downtown Kingston