Kingston Tourism Office to Bath – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This ride goes out of the city and along the lake shore for a bit to the town of Bath. Once clear of the city, this is the Loyalist Parkway, a historical corridor dedicated to various remembrances of the colonists who left the rebels and moved to Canada in the Revolutionary War. This is the other side of the historical coin from what we visit in Sackets Harbor. Within Kingston, we get a look at the city, with parks and elegant old mansions. Once out of town, the road closely follows the lake shore. Just off shore is Amherst Island, a quiet agricultural place with few roads, accessible only by ferry.

Start at the tourism office by the park in downtown Kingston. This is an out and back ride; turn around whenever you feel you’ve had half-enough. I don’t know of any special attractions in Bath.

0 West From the tourism office, turn left, west along Ontario St. 0.5
0.5 R West St 0.1
0.6 L King St; becomes Front Rd, Hwy 1 5.1
5.7 R Bayridge Dr 1.5
7.1 R Go right and around to get to Hwy 33 0.2
7.3 L Hwy 33 11.0
18.3 Arrive Bath