Long Point State Park – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This is a ride of about 30 miles out and back. Extending it to ride around the peninsula makes it about 39 miles. The only noticeable hills are along Pleasant Valley Rd just south of Cape Vincent, and those would not count for much in our part of the state. The park is a very plain one, serving mainly as an access point to the water. However, it is a pleasant enough place to carry our lunch and enjoy it in a sheltered bay. The ride around the peninsula is on a very narrow old road and, among all the vacation cottages there are also signs of much older settlement.

0 Depart Lighthouse toward Cape Vincent 2.1
2.1 R Pleasantville Rd, CR 6 6.2
8.3 R Isthmus Rd 3.5
11.7 L Point Peninsula Rd, Long Point Rd. 3.3
15.0 Long Point State Park
Continue on Long Point Rd, becomes South Shore Rd 6.5
21.5 R TRO South Shore Rd 2.8
24.3 L TRO South Shore Rd 1.1
25.4 L Beach Rd 1.5
26.9 R TRO Beach Rd 0.5
27.4 Str Isthmus Rd 3.5
30.9 L Pleasant Valley Rd 6.2
37.1 L Tibbetts Point Rd 2.1
39.2 Arrive Tibbetts Point Lighthouse