Bridge Loop – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

This is a ride for those who want to put in some miles. It crosses to Canada via the ferry from Cape Vincent, then returns to the US via the Thousand Islands Bridges. The distance is about 75 miles. There are two ferries to wait for as well as the border crossing interrogation. In addition, the two big suspension bridges must be walked across (riding is forbidden and pretty much impossible because the walkway is so narrow. The roadway is much too narrow and the truck traffic too relentless for sharing the road; don’t even think about it). That’s probably a couple miles of walking, and will really cut into your average speed!

  • The first ferry is at 8:15 am and you should plan to catch it.
  • Ride briskly across Wolfe Island (7 mi) and catch the next ferry to Kingston at 9:00 am.
  • From the ferry terminal, turn right on Hwy 2 and head east 21 miles. This is pretty major highway. After the first mile or so in Kingston, it isn’t too bad for traffic and is a not unpleasant ride.
  • In Gananoque, get on the 1000 Islands Parkway for 9.5 miles and take the ramp toward the bridge. There is no special approach for bicycles, just ride along the main highway. After walking over the bridge, you can ride down through the Canadian border stuff to the US checkpoint, where you’ll have to be checked out.
  • Just past the customs booths, get off the main roadway down onto County Route 191, which runs to the east of I-81 along the shore of the water. It’s a beautiful road all the way across Wellesley Island, about 3.5 miles.
  • Then, time to walk across another bridge. On the mainland, keep right right past the tollbooths, past the information center, and head out to the highway, NY 12. The lighthouse is about 24 miles from the bridge.