Sackets Harbor – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Two things stand out about this part of New York State — one is the endlessly convoluted shoreline of entwining bays and peninsulas; the other is the tremendous role the area played in the history of the country. In riding to the center of that historical importance, Sackets Harbor, you get to explore a lot of that extraordinary shoreline. At its simplest, the ride is about 60 miles out and back. However, for an extra 15 miles, on the way back you can take a loop out to Sherwin Bay. This pushes the whole ride to about 75 miles. Sackets Harbor is a place you can linger for a while. There is a lot of historical stuff in a museum as well as various buildings and grounds, including a battlefield. There are also restaurants, a great coffee shop, art gallery, etc. If you get hungry along the way, there are stopping places in Chaumont and Dexter.

It proved hard to make a cycling map of this ride; the whole route is on three sheets:Tibbetts Point to Mud BayMud Bay to Limerick, and Limerick to Sackets.

Tibbetts Point to Sackets Harbor

0 Depart Lighthouse toward Cape Vincent 2.1
2.1 R Pleasantville Rd, CR 6 8.8
10.9 R NY 12E 10.4
21.3 R NY 180, through Dexter 4.0
25.3 R Military Rd 3.6
28.9 BR Dodge Ave, CR 75 0.2
29.1 L Broad St 0.2
29.3 Arrive Sackets Harbor

Sackets Harbor to Tibbetts Point, extended

0 Start out Broad St from corner of Main 0.2
0.2 R Dodge Ave 0.2
0.4 L Old Military Rd 3.7
4.1 L NY 180 to Dexter 2.3
6.4 L Lakeview Dr 0.5
6.9 L Doane Rd 1.7
8.6 L Middle Rd 1.0
9.6 L Shore Rd 13.1
22.7 L Moffett Rd 2.8
25.5 L NY 12E 7.5
33.1 L Carying Rd CR 57, becomes CR 6 8.8
41.9 L Tibbetts Point Rd 2.1
44.0 Arrive at Tibbetts Point Lighthouse