Memorial Day 2012 – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

It’s official. The FLCC Memorial Day Weekend Getaway this year is going to be in Ottawa, with lodgings at the famous Jail Hostel. We have 30 beds reserved at about $33/per night. They have assigned us six rooms — three “cells” with bars and other prison-like characteristics, and three modernized rooms; the number of beds varies between four and eight per room.

Signing up: There are two parts to signing up — paying for the hostel and selecting beds. Payment can be made below, using the Paypal form (it takes regular credit card numbers).

Once you’ve paid you need to select the hostel room you want to be in by going to google docs and entering your name on the spreadsheet.

Go to; you’ll see a spreadsheet showing all the beds in the Ottawa Jail hostel. Our reservations are in the rooms with a green header. Just type your name(s) into the bed space(s) you want. Remember, ONLY under the green headings. (Our room assignment was revised on 2/23 so returning participants will find some differences.)