Club Officers – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

The Finger Lakes Cycling Club Officers for 2016 were elected in March of 2016:

President: Armin Heurich
General VP and Secretary: Margaret Johnson
Treasurer: Mary Bouchard
VP for Saturday Rides: Robert Ferguson(lead VP), Kyra Stephanoff(asst VP)
VP for Sunday Rides: Bill Shang
VP for Overnight Touring: Steven Powell
VPs for Family Touring: Sara Barker(co-VP), Armin Heurich (co-VP)
VP for Racing: Dave Heck
VP for Cyclo-cross Racing: Ruth Sherman
VP for Women’s Rides: Michelle Heck
VP for Publicity and Outreach: Katie Moring
VP for Social Activities: (unoccupied)
Coach: Armin Heurich
Race Committee: Bill Erickson, Don Fitterer, Mark Rishniw, Glenn Swan, Sara Barker
Members-at-large: Sara Barker, Mark Rishniw, Rob Ferguson, Steven Powell,
Advocacy Committee: Bill Shang (chair), Wayne Gottlieb, John Dennis, Kyra Stephanoff, Steven Powell
Webmaster: Rebecca Younes
VP for Liaison to Cycle-CNY: Don Fitterer
VP for Casual Rides: Doug Dylla
VP for Youth Cycling: Willem van Osselaer (co-VP) and Madeline Turner (co-VP)