Feb 2015 Board Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Meeting Notes from FLCC Board of Directors Meeting – February 23, 2015

(compiled by Steven Powell)

The FLCC Board of Directors met on February 23, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on the second floor cafe of Autumn Leaves used books, on the Ithaca commons. Present were Steven Powell, Andrejs Ozolins, Mark Rishniw, Bill Shang, Dave Heck, Kyra Stephanoff, and Rob Ferguson. Glenn Swan and Sara Barker could not attend, but provided comments/concerns via email.

Via email Glenn Swan requested that the club find another place to store the tables, chairs, and signs that are currently stored at Swan Cycles. After a brief discussion, Dave Heck offered to store these items in his basement. We will round up some volunteers and move the items sometime in the early spring, or by the time of the Hollenbeck’s race (1st weekend in May), at the very latest.

Bill Shang feels strongly that the club should take a more active role in advocacy, specifically advocating for safer road conditions for cyclists. Therefore, Bill will be nominated for the club’s advocacy committee, and if the membership elects him (at the March annual meeting), then Steve intends to appoint him committee chair. As a private citizen, Bill has been in touch with local officials regarding the collision between a cyclist and vehicle near the Borg Warner plant exit on Warren Rd, which resulted in the death of the cyclist. If the club elects him to the advocacy committee, then he would like to provide a stronger voice (as a club representative) to local officials as they propose possible changes along Warren Rd, and for new construction projects being proposed elsewhere in the county. Bill would like to see us advocate for safer road conditions, better signage, and educate both cyclists and motorists for safer roadway behavior. It was pointed out that the newly formed Bike Walk Tompkins (BWT) organization has advocacy and education as part of its mission, so we should explore ways of partnering with BWT to be a combined strong voice for positive change.

Dave Heck talked about the planning for the Hollenbeck’s race. He noted that last year, after covering all expenses, and donating $500 to the Ellis Hollow Nursery School, the club cleared $340. Dave is proposing to raise the pre-reg cost from $18 to $24 for this year. He notes that most similar races are asking $30-35 for pre-reg, so our $6 cost increase to $24 is quite modest. Similarly, he would like to raise the day-of registration from $30 to $35. He also is proposing a new 55+ race category. (Via email, Sara supported the race cost increases and the new race category.) For prize money, Dave is proposing that the top 3 finishers in each category get their registration fee refunded.

We had a brief description of the unfortunate incident at the hostel in Niagara Falls last memorial day, where the hostel owner could not provide the promised accommodations, and he *did not* immediately refund the club’s deposit money. To date, the club has received $1000 out of a total of approximately $1200, and we expect to receive the remaining $200. by this summer. We thanked Andrejs for his effort to recover as much money as possible from the owner. And we thank Alexey Loginov for his quick thinking which resulted in finding alternate accommodations for the group, and a great Memorial Day Weekend trip.

Rob and Kyra discussed the state of the Saturday rides, and their intention to post a full slate of mapped rides, in advance, by May 1. These will be no-drop rides, and each will have a long and short option, with a common start point. While the routes for each ride will be chosen in advance, with maps and cue sheets made available on our website, the leader for a given ride will be self-selected from the group that shows up for a given ride.

There was a discussion and a consensus was reached that a note should be placed on our website informing people how to download GPX track files for each of our rides from . Andrejs agreed to add this note to the website.

Bill discussed the state of the Sunday rides, and together we discussed the fact that the drug store along Judd Falls Rd no longer allows cars to be parked for purposes other than shopping, and we should come up with a new start location for our Sunday rides. One possibility is to recommend parking in East Hill Plaza, just across the road from our old meeting location. Kyra offered to check out the signage in the plaza to make sure that this is permitted. (Several people said this is not permitted on work days, but they thought it was OK on the weekend). Kyra will clarify.

Andrejs talked about the website and is interested to hear about any possible improvements that people might suggest. We should solicit feedback/suggestions about the website at our upcoming annual meeting, and also on the listserv from the general membership. Suggestions can be sent to .

Mark will be helping to organize the cycling portion of the Empire State Senior Games this summer. While he will not be at the games, due to a travel commitment, Glenn and Marcia Swan are likely to help with the running of the event. Volunteers are needed and should get in touch with Mark.

A new organizer is needed for the Cascadilla Hill Climb (CHC) as Andrejs would like to pass the baton for this popular September event.  We would like the CHC to be listed in the club’s agenda as an annual event — which would mean raising it as a chore at the annual meeting and finding individuals to take responsibility for it each year.  Another option is to try to partner with Bike Walk Tompkins since this is a community oriented event with categories that include riders of all abilities.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm and look forward to seeing all members at the annual meeting on March 29, 2015 – see club calendar for date, location, and agenda.