Mar 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

FLCC March 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes
(Minutes prepared by FLCC secretary Wayne Gottlieb & reviewed by Steven Powell)

Members present:  Steven Powell, Mary Bouchard, Wayne Gottlieb, Kyra Stephanoff, Andrejs Ozolins, Sara Barker, Armin Heurich, Dave Heck, Don and Sandy Fitterer, Glenn Swan, Mary Beth and Aidan and Sawyer Tierney, David and Susan Rupert, Rob Ferguson, Richie Berg, Drew Noden, John Spence, Paul and Holly and Oliver Monkman, Jim McKenna, Bonnie and Jill Powell, Eva & Jason Stillwell, Marsha Zgola, Jill DiMauro, and Micheline Zion.

Date:  Sunday, March 24, 2013

Social Hour:  5:30-6:30 pm.
Most of those present arrived between, 5:30 and 6.  The club bought pizza, salad and drinks.  Several others brought cookies, fruit and other goodies.  There was mingling all around before business.

Business Meeting:  6:30-8:00 pm
Website praised:  Steve Reminded us that we should be proud of the FLCC website.  Of course thanks go to Andrejs and Andy, who keep the website up.  As well as being complete, through and informational, it is open for all who wish to use it.   Many who are considering coming to the Finger Lakes to ride look to the website to plan their time here.  Great job Andrejs and Andy.    Though it actually happened on the next page, I thought I’d report it here.  Steve also mentioned that Andrejs recently moved the site to our own paid site.

Gift for the Ex-Prez.  Before tackling the agenda items, Ex- President Dave Rupert said a few words of thanks for the gifts he received from the club.  He showed us the really cool clock made from recycled chain ring.

Nominations & Election of Officers
Steve read the list of officers.  (See below)
It was moved that we elect all officers as a single slate.  It was seconded and carried as such with no opposition.
–President:  Steven Powell
–Treasurer:  Mary Bouchard
–Secretary:  Wayne Gottlieb
–VP for Saturday Rides:  Kyra Stephanoff (lead VP) and Rob Ferguson and Doug Dylla (asst. VPs)
–VP for Touring:  Andrejs Ozolins
–VP for Overnight Touring:  Rena Scroggins
–VPs for Family Touring:  Sara Barker and Armin Heurich
–VP for Racing:  Dave Heck
–VPs for Mountain Biking:  Don Fitterer and Brenda Smith
–VP for Cyclo-cross Racing:  LiLynn has stepped down and there is no replacement.
–VP for Publicity:  Kyra Stephanoff has stepped down and there is no replacement.
–VP for Social Activities:  Marcie Robinson
–VP for Community Outreach: There was no nominee for this position
–Coach:  Jake Veigel
–Race Committee:  William A Erickson , Don Fitterer, Mark Rishniw, Glennn Swan, Sara Barker
–Members-at-large:  Sara Barker, Mark Rishniw, David Ruppert, Rob Ferguson
–Advocacy Committee:  Steven Powell, Andrejs Ozolins, Brenda Smith, Wayne Gottlieb
–Webmasters:  Andrejs Ozolins, Andy Goodell

Several positions weren’t filled; VP for Cyclo-cross racing, VP for Publicity and VP for Community Outreach.

Treasurer’s Report
Mary Ann, though not present, supplied a detailed treasurer’s report.  Here are some highlights (click here to see the report for more details).
Ending balance: 5,523.29 (See Report for details)
Membership dues continue to be high ($1,402.57)
Clothing sales have gone up ($1,490.00) – we sell club jersey’s and jackets at-cost.
The one activity that lost money was the young People’s tour.  There was some concern about this and a discussion ensued as to whether we should raise the fees for the ride.  Some suggested increasing fees from 10 to 25 or 20, arguing that no one would complain or see a difference.  However, Many (Andrejs, Steve, Wayne) argued that it’s worth losing on this to make sure everyone can come.  This was not seen as a problem since the club’s ending balance was $1,300 higher than last years’ balance.  There was also some discussion about asking for donations for those who wish to donate.  Andrejs suggested putting a space for donations on the membership page.  Kyra suggested including a donation box during the event.  No specific action was taken on this.

Kyra suggested we join since we use their website to post rides.  All heartily agreed.

Club Officer’s Reports
–Weekly rides

III.  Upcoming Events

IV.  New Business
–Website: Membership list, public or private
–Bike-ride fundraiser for Better Housing of Tompkins County: John Spence
–other new business

Weekly Rides
Saturday Ride:  report from Kyra Stephanoff.   Our newest ride is the Saturday ride, which has a leader, sweep, cue sheet.  The object of the ride is to include riders of all levels, who may be intimidated by the Sunday rides, which can be fast (but really aren’t all that fast lately).  She reports that it’s been difficult to get leaders.  She’d like to have the first ride of every month set now.  Rob Ferguson has already taken May 4th.  Wayne Gottlieb took June 1st, but then he only realized upon writing this that he has to be at Ithaca Festival on that day, so he’ll have to take a different date.  Kyra passed around a sheet to get people to sign up to be ride leader at the meeting.

Mountain biking:  Don Fitterer reports that “We haven’t lost anybody yet.”  (though he’s still trying).  They take off from Swan Cycles.  Cycle CNY is an advocate group for mountain biking and they maintain Shindagan.  He suggests we support them.   For example, they built a new new trail at Shindagan from the parking lot that’s dryer than the previous trail.  There are rides on Tuesday and Thursday nights led by Brenda.  Don does a Friday night ride and some on Saturday for those who are interested.   Between 8-10 people show up and several bring their dogs.  If you want to bring a dog, make sure they’re friendly toward other dogs and are trained for accompanying mountain bikers.

Wednesday night ride:  East Hill Plaza led by Cynthia Schnedeker.   Cynthia leads the ride and makes sure everyone gets back.

Thursday:  Slow ride from Professional building.  Andrejs has been doing it officially, but Rob Ferguson has been doing it unofficially.  The rate is generally 12 miles per hour with a no drop rule.  For riders who go even slower than the 12 MPH, they’ll stop at intersections to wait.   These rides include mandatory Ice cream stops though it is not mandatory to eat ice cream.  On the other hand, who goes on a bike ride with a mandatory ice cream stop and doesn’t eat ice cream (craziness)?   Richie Berg  brought up the issues of waning daylight.  As the season got later, it was sometimes too dark getting back.  The rides had to be shorter and shorter.  It was proposed that the time be changed back to 5:30 instead.  Andrejs said that there has always been this problem.  Unfortunately, some people can’t make it that early.  Don said that the ride at Glenn’s, has very little participation because it’s so early.  It was concluded that the ride can be done earlier if there is consensus.  It was also suggested that everyone be encouraged to bring lights.  Andrejs suggested putting together a workshop in buying and using bike lights.  .

Hollenbecks:  Dave Heck gave a report on Hollenbecks.  Things went well.  We can use more volunteers, corner marshals, drivers and finish line people.  It’s Sunday May 5th.  E-mail Dave Heck <> if you want to help out.

Encouraging young racers:  Steve asks how we can help the younger racers more?  Dave:  Corning has gotten active with the younger racers so we’ve been feeding the young racers to Corning.  Armin:  I’ve been training younger racers and I will again this season, probably on Saturdays (these are not his precise words, but close enough).  This training is loosely connected with the Corning race club.   Sara B. added  We might culminate what we do in a fun race for young kids

Racing for kids, Sara Barker:  Focus on what young people can do (5-6 years old).  I started a regular event at Swans.  This year I’d like to have a fun night.  She’ll lead kids on a ride in the woods to do different skills.  They may do Cyclocross (for older kids), going over logs, etc.  This is a good way to get kids into cycling.  One day she had 40-50 kids show up.  Steve:  Perhaps the club can contribute funds for snacks .  Sara: Please spread the word that wed like to have kids join us.  We’d like to make this a big event.

Saturday ride with Armin:  He started a ride to the Farmer’s market.  This is a family friendly ride.  He’s considering putting in a hill and lengthening it.

Sara B.:  Where do we send out ride blurbs?  Send to Andrejs.

Except for the Finger Lakes I and II tours, it seems that rides develop as people plan rides and get other’s involved.  Here’s an example.

Week long tours:  There’s one cooking for May.  Andrejs will do a tour to Quebec.  Blueberry tour in Early July.   He’ll drive to Quebec or take a train from Montreal to ease up the driving.
Mid August:  Riding in Willamette Valley on Oregon.  Before that he’ll be riding at Glacier National Park, Montana and invites other people to join him.

Social Issues
Lucy Guilardo spoke with Andrejs.  Her husband was a member of the bike club for a long time.  Her husband died recently so she scheduled a bike ride to commemorate her husbands riding interests.  It’s on the same day as Hollenbecks.

Annual Club Picnic:  There will be a picnic this summer.  Date to be determined.

Upcoming events:
April 21 Earth day at Farmer’s market.  We will have a  ride in conjunction with the event.
May 5th Hollenbecks:   Streets Alive! Ithaca:  Lucy Giardano ride
May 10-12 weekend tour #1  40ish miles per day
May 24-27 Montreal memorial day weekend holiday ride
June 7-9 Great Finger Lakes bike tour. (STBC, Watkins Glenn State Park)
June 15-16 Weekend tour #2
June 22-23  Young peoples tour Brockport.    Will need 4-5 vehicles and adult volunteers.

New business:
Membership list:  Steve suggests having a link to the club membership page.  A discussion ensued about the possibility of including e-mail addresses, but having the page available only to those with a password.  This was nixed.  Log in pages are difficult and problematic.  There was a motion to include the page (with only names) and it carried.

Lifetime membership category:  passed, changed and finally defeated.  Kyra made a motion to have a lifetime membership category.  The motion carried.  Steve moved to make it 15 times the yearly membership cost.  It was amended again to make it 15 times membership fees but only for individual members.  More discussion ensued on the membership issue.  Motion to remove the lifetime membership option.  Motion carried.   So, the lifetime membership doesn’t exist.  Forget I ever said anything.

Raising club dues.  There was a motion by Sara Barker to raise club dues to $12-individual, $15 family and $10 for associate (from other clubs) in 2014.  (Current dues are $10/12/7).  Motion carried.  Fees have been raised starting in 2014.  Note:  This does not affect club dues for the current calendar year of 2013.

John Spence:  Proposal for a bike fundraiser for “Better Housing for Tompkins County” (with which he is associated).   He proposes a fundraiser for better housing.  Better housing deals with affordable housing issues (downtown for example).  He proposes putting on a bike ride in the fall.  Glenn made some suggestions for rides such as rides of different lengths starting from Trumansburg.  He’s looking for anybody who would be interested in helping put this ride together.  Sara mentioned that although we run a lot of bike rides and races, we do no fundraisers.  Drew Noden mentioned that he does two rides, the Aids ride and Pedals for Pets.  He warned that too many events in a small area like Ithaca, can lead to diminishing returns.  Andrejs also has some experience with this.  The two will talk to John, but it looks like something he will pursue.