March 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Following an informal social hour with dinner, those present listened to a presentation by Fernando de Aragon ( Executive Director of the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council, who told the group the 2013 Ithaca area bike map will be updated this summer. He explained the current bike map rating system is based more on whether a road has a shoulder than on traffic volume. For roads with lower traffic volume, road condition is considered. Several club members had questions about the rating system. Fernando gave out copies of his business card, and invited club member input on the map and on the question of what county roads should be fixed first, via his email address (above). He urged those within FLCC interested in advocacy to join with Bike Walk Tompkins, and encouraged members to sign up for BWT list serve to receive action alerts.


Minutes of the FLCC Meeting 3/13/16

President Steven Powell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and announced he would be stepping down as president. He then read aloud from the FLCC constitution: “The purpose of the club shall be the promotion and encouragement of bicycling as a sport, healthful exercise and recreational activity.” He then read from the club bylaws: “1. The club provides community services related to the promotion of physical fitness and health through bicycling. 2. Throughout the bicycling season, the club promotes bicycle events suitable for riders of all abilities.”

Steve then opened the floor for additional nominations. There being none, a motion to close nominations was made by Mike Simkin and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to accept all the nominees and elect all the nominees was made by Mike Simkin and approved by unanimous vote, leaving the roster of club officers as follows (with new officers underlined):

–President:  Armin Heurich

–Treasurer:  Mary Bouchard

–Secretary:  Margaret Johnson

–VP for Saturday Rides:  Robert Ferguson(lead VP), Kyra Stephanoff(asst VP)

–VP for Sunday Rides:  Bill Shang

–VP for Overnight Touring:  Steven Powell

–VPs for Family Touring:  Sara Barker(co-VP), Armin Heurich(co-VP)

–VP for Racing:  Dave Heck

–VP for Cyclo-cross Racing:  Ruth Sherman

–VP for Women’s Rides:  Michelle Cilia

–VP for Publicity:  (unoccupied)

–VP for Social Activities:  (unoccupied)

–VP for Community Outreach:  (unoccupied)

–Coach:  Armin Heurich

–Race Committee:  Bill Erickson, Don Fitterer,  Mark Rishniw, Glenn Swan, Sara Barker

–Members-at-large:  Sara Barker, Mark Rishniw, Rob Ferguson, Andrejs Ozolins, Steven Powell,

–Advocacy Committee:  Bill Shang (chair), Andrejs Ozolins, Wayne Gottlieb, John Dennis, Kyra Stephanoff, Steven Powell

–Webmasters:  Andrejs Ozolins, Rebecca Younes

–VP for Liaison to Cycle-CNY:  Don Fitterer 

–VP for Casual Rides:  Doug Dylla

–VP for Youth Cycling:  Willem van Osselaer (co-VP) and Madeline Turner (co-VP)


The following reports were then read and discussed.

Treasurer’s report (Steve Powell):

Steve distributed copies of the club Treasurer’s Report, showing a balance of $7,640.11 balance. Steve explained the club buys and re-sells things at cost, leading to fluctuations in the balance from year to year. In 2015, the club did a lot of sales, on the order of $2,000-$3,000. The same was true for club events, with the Hollenbeck’s event raising about $2,000. Finally, the 2015 Young People’s Tour was scaled back, so that event also raised a bit instead of ending with a negative balance as in prior years. Steve cautioned the club is likely to lay out more expenses this year. However, he stated any amount above $5,000 balance is “extra cushion”.

Racing report (Dave Heck):

Dave announced that registration for the Hollenbeck’s event is now open. He noted the event will be adding age categories and some new volunteer gifts. The event needs volunteers to perform various duties, including driving a pace car. Dave noted the Swandrome cyclocross event organized by Glenn Swan, a more “low key” club racing event with less external sponsor involvement, is also taking place again this year.

Touring report (Steve Powell):

Steve noted Bill Webster has stepped down, but it is hoped he may return to the role of Touring VP at some point.  Steve indicated in his new capacity as VP for overnight touring, he is looking for ideas for simple weekend tours. In June, Steve will again lead the Young Peoples’ Tour, which is co-organized by Adventure Cycling. (For additional information, see: Steve indicated the club is interested in hosting a weeklong tour, and invited members to be in touch with ideas.

Advocacy report (Bill Shang)

Bill stated the FLCC’s advocacy efforts were revitalized by death of a cyclist in front of Borg Warner.

He indicated Tompkins County didn’t listen to FLCC input at the time, but that this experience opened an ongoing dialogue. Bill called on the club to assert a presence in Ithaca Festival to raise awareness, teach cyclists to ride safely and teach motorists how to safely pass. He asked for help in creating content and staffing such a table at the Festival.

Weekly ride report (Kyra Stephanoff):

Steve indicated participation in weekly rides is down–except for the womens’ ride. He called for ideas to increase participation, and suggested emulating the womens’ ride’s successful formula. Kyra said there are two weekly ride meeting spots–East Hill Plaza and the Trumansburg Farmers Market. She said it is typically the same 7-8 people who participate each time. Those participating have fun, but there are not enough people to break into speed groups. Ideas discussed for increasing participation in weekly rides included:

— Post a weekly summary of what rides are coming up.

— Post on the mailing list and FB page 3 days before each ride.

— Post ride reports after the rides.

— Make it predictable. Do the rides the way you say you will.

Steve asked the outgoing VP for Womens’ Rides, Cynthia Schnedeker, to explain that group’s success.

Cythia indicated the Womens’ Ride group announces rides by email, offers an A, B and C group, and only goes 25-30 miles, and uses the same 4-5 routes so people get to know the routes. However, finding people willing to be sweep for the C group is an ongoing need.

Social report:

There was no formal social report because the club currently has no social chair. However, Steve reminded the members the club used to hold a well-received annual picnic, and called on members to revive this tradition.

Web masters report (Andrejs Ozolins):

Andrejs alluded to recent discussion about redoing the website by asking:

Do we want to have a website? If so, what purpose should the website serve (as distinct from the list serve and the Facebook page). He asserted the website is valuable as a repository and an archive. A discussion about how to make better use of the club Facebook page followed.

Upcoming events report (Dick Porterfield):

Dick announced the Greater Finger Lakes Bike Tour will take place again this year. He described the event, and indicated the cost is $92 for the weekend. He announced for those registering now, if you are doing a charity ride, the GFLBT organizing group will donate $50 to your charity ride, as they have extra money.

New business:

A motion to create a new role of VP for casual rides was made by Kyra and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to change the name of the VP for Mountain Biking to the VP for Liaison to Cycle–CNY was made by Andrejs and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to create a new role of VP for Youth Cycling, to be held by a teenager (or teenagers), and to elect as co-VPs Willem van Osselaer and Madeline Turner of the Ithaca High School cycling club, was made by Margaret and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

A motion to establish a 2016 club grant program to make grants to worthwhile cycling organizations, to be allocated by the President with input from the board, in amounts totaling no more than 15% of the balance at the 2016 annual meeting, was made by Kyra and approved by a unanimous vote of those present.

Steve announced the club has purchased an upgraded “premium” membership to which will allow club members to use it. It will be explained at a later time how club members can take advantage of this new benefit.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m..