Nov 2012 Board Meeting Minutes – Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Finger Lakes Cycling Club — Board of Directors Meeting
November 4, 2012  4:00-5:00

(Minutes prepared by FLCC secretary Wayne Gottlieb & reviewed by the board members).

Present: Steve Powell, Andrejs Ozolins, Glenn Swan, Wayne Gottlieb, Holly Monkman, Brenda Smith, Mary Ann Huntley, Dave Heck, Kyra Stephanoff,  Andy Goodell.  Marcie Robinson

Steve showed us his 10 dollar panniers.  They’re made of  White plastic. Called Donkey Boxx.  Steve would like to buy approximately 100 of them and store them at Swan Cycles or another location.  Glenn was not as taken with the idea as Steve was. Steve is still looking for a place to store them.  They will be used for people who are going on the Adventure Cycling and FLCC trips and who may not have their own panniers.

Steve started the meeting by stating the purpose of meeting.  Communication among officers.   What’s working well and what is not?

Glenn: What’s working well with Glenn was his March cycling trip to Maui.  This was the highlight of the year for him.  11 day trip.  Could make it shorter.  It was proposed we attempt to entice others to join him.
Discussion on Bike Fridays and traveling bikes ensued.  Other than those, it’s difficult to travel with bikes.  Glenn know people on Maui who might be able to rent bikes.

Dave:  discussed the Hollenbecks race.  It was largely successful.  Few complaints, good weather.  This was Dave’s first year in charge.  Most people did the same jobs, which made things run smoothly.  There was some concern that our chief official was from the club and not assigned by the UCSF. Should be someone from outside the club.  More on this later (see Marcie Robinson).

Mary Ann:  Wednesday night women’s rides.  Cynthia Schnedeker took over and did a great job planning.  She’s been careful about making sure everyone finishes.  The ride has developed the reputation of being too fast for some.  Past years have been bigger, but we’ve still been able to break into 2 groups most weeks.  Andrejs suggested to choose a place to meet and gather up.   She’s unhappy with the idea that some will not go because they hear it’s too fast.  Mary Ann suggested that she’d stay behind with slower riders.  There have to be a couple of people who make the commitment to stay slower.  Andrejs suggests making a rule so that social rides are meant to stay together.

Steve brought up the problem of electing officials every year.  Every year or every 3 years?  We should add by-laws to the website.  Consensus was to leave term at 1 year, and possibly add term limits.

Kyra:  Saturday rides.  Worked well, but it was hard to get leaders for this ride.  There were lots of people who signed up to lead, but sometimes they waited til the last minute to commit, so Kyra was left waiting and looking for someone else.  Suggestion to have about 12 leaders who commit to make sure they are done, not necessarily actually ride the ride.    Would be nice if every leader did a post-ride report.  I did.  I don’t know what’s up with those other ride leaders. Sometimes there were alternates in case anybody wanted to go slower or a shorter distance.  Leader must make sure no one is dropped.

Brenda Smith:  FLCC is  trying to integrate with cycling CNY.  Trail days have gone well. Next year  they’re considering a Wednesday night race series, at different state forests.    Might try to get  Thursday night club involved with cycle CNY.  Cycle CNY includes the whole CNY area, Ithaca is part of this.  Should FLCC have a mountain bike contingency?  Don Fitterer is the VP of mountain biking and is active with cycle CNY, so this seems sufficient (Glenn).  Cycle CNY rides are not necessarily posted to FLCC, so there should be a way for FLCC people to find out about these rides, even when they are not on the cycle CNY list.  Perhaps Don can post to FLCC making ride announcements.  Andrejs suggests posting a mountain biking link to cycle CNY so people can go directly there.  While we’re at it , we should have a link to the Nordic ski.

Andy Goodell:  Did some website stuff.  Added a randonneuring page to the FLCC website.   Steve suggests a web master mentoring/squire  sort of thing for the FLCC website between Andrejs and Andy.  Andy is fine with that.  Andy has already done some updating of pages he saw as being out of date.  Andy has two big web ideas.  Spent 2 days took pictures of bike racks.  Put together an interactive map of bike racks in the Ithaca Area.  With any event, it would be nice to show where bike racks are at certain events and where the buses go.  Another big idea, how to get from here to there by bike.  What are options for getting around the city.  Kyra:  in the Netherlands, there are numbers around the city.  You can use the numbers to look for routes.

Steve:  Andrejs and Steve helped develop a 14 day bike ride around the Finger Lakes region through Adventure Cycling.  $100/day  around the Finger Lakes region about 450 miles. Starts in Syracuse.  Counterclockwise route.  Staying in hostels and camping.  They also put together a ride that builds on the young peoples ride.  Now, it’s a weekend ride with from 30-60 people.   This year, they’re expanding it to an 8 day tour from Erie Canal to Niagara Falls, ON.  Adventure Cycling has accepted it and is publishing it.   This is where the 10 dollar panniers come in.  They will be used on the tour for those who don’t’ have their own panniers.  In addition to these Adventure Cycling tours, Andrejs and Steve will still be putting together a package of multi-day trips as in the past.

Membership cards.  September 1st on, should cover the following year too.  So, Sept 1 should be the cut off date.  Before that, you’ll be a member for that year only.  Andrejs mentioned Software that can actually send you reminders of when to re-up.  Messages are now being sent out the first of the year to encourage everyone to sign up then.

Andrejs:  The Library is looking for $250.00 sponsors for which they’ll post a card in the stacks.  Andrejs suggests buying subscription for bicycling magazine for the library.  Last time he tried, they refused.  As for sponsoring a rack at the library, Steve suggests saving that for the annual meeting for the membership to vote on $250.00 donation.

Holly Monkman:  family cycling.  Weekly bike path ride not working well with schedules and weather. Sara Barker has been doing a great job getting kids involved in the cross races and rides.  Glenn suggests turning this interest into bike advocacy, getting students to ride to school.

Marcie Robinson:  Concerned about there not being a chief official who is from a different area.  She is also concerned that there is not an official on the road with the cyclists.  If an accident happened, it could be serious if paperwork is not done properly and officials are not available.   The club has about 4 officials.  Two of them do results in the car.  Glenn suggested that we ask others to get licensed so that we can have officials in the pace cars.

Glenn:  Didn’t do the seminar series this year because of low turnout in past years.  Should we try again?  Perhaps put a poll up and see if there is interest and in which topics.

There will be a mid winter touring meeting again, which will include a slideshow and brainstorm for the upcoming cycling season.

It was left up in the air as to whether the officers will get together again soon to revisit some of these issues.  We will, at a minimum, circulate follow-up email messages, and determine what proposals to present to the membership at the annual meeting in March.